Top ways to give your stadium more team spirit


High schools and colleges alike are always looking for ways to provide their stadium with more team spirit. Both high school and college has won their team to feel at home when they’re at their own stadium. You want your fans to know that this space isn’t there and completely belong to them. You want your opponents to fear coming to play in your Stadium because they know that  your fans will create a deafening atmosphere  where the opponents won’t be able to think straight.

As you look to expand the amount of decoration in your stadium to provide it with more team spirit, you’ll find that there are multiple ways to do this.

What Decorations Will Give Your Stadium The Atmosphere It Needs

There are many decorations that will provide you with the team spirit you want for your Stadium, but you are probably looking at decorations on a budget. The decorations laid out below will provide your stadium with the atmosphere you want while not breaking the budget allotted to you.

Spread Your Team’s Flags Throughout The Stadium

Stadium flags are the perfect way to spread your team atmosphere throughout the stadium. Typically these flags are an inexpensive option for you to put in multiple places in the stadium.

They also provide a lot of variety for what can go on the flag. You may find that you want to alternate your flags so that they aren’t overly consistent across the stadium. One way to do this is to have some of your stadium flags with the school mascot or logo on them while having other flags that simply have your school’s colors. If you alternate your flags between the colors of your school and the mascot of your school, you’ll create a strong team atmosphere without having an overwhelming decoration.

The flags will also create a fun atmosphere on especially windy days when your teams are playing outside. In addition, if you place the flags towards the top of your stadium, then anyone who passes by your stadium will be able to see the team spirit that your space is emitting.

Have A Strong Decal At The Center Of Your Field

Another way to ensure that your stadium will have the atmosphere that it needs, is to have a beautiful and colorful decal of your team’s mascot at the center field line. This will evoke a feeling of home and both your players on the field and your fans when they look down and see the center field line. It will also constantly remind your opponent who’s field they’re on and who owns the space.

Get A Personalized Scoreboard

This option may not be the most budget-friendly depending on how much you can spend on decorating your Stadium, but it can also have a substantial impact on the amount of atmosphere it will provide to both your fans and players. Your scoreboard should have one of your school’s colors along with a possible logo at the top of the scoreboard. That way when both your fans and the fans of your opponents’ look up on the scoreboard they will be reminded that this is not their home space.

Having a scoreboard that will automatically put out a certain noise whenever your team scores, is also an added benefit to investing a bit more of your budget into a personalized score. If you are struggling to put together the funds for a scoreboard, consider asking some donors to put money towards the scoreboard itself. Before you put the scoreboard up, put a decal on there that names the scoreboard either after the business or the person who helped raise the most funds for the scoreboard to be placed into your stadium.

Place Decals Of Quotes From Past Athletes Around The Stadium

Another way to increase the amount of team spirit within your space is to place quotes from important athletes or coaches who have passed through your school throughout the years. These athletes would preferably be in a sport that use the field regularly, such as soccer or football, but the quotes could come from any exceptional athletes your sports programs have had over the years.

Not only will these quotes be an inspiration to current and future athletes, but they will also connect with alumni and we’ll remind fans of the ongoing excellence of your sports programs.