What are the attributes of the comfortable dining area?


A kitchen is a special place in every home. However, this is not only a cooking area but also a place where the whole family gathers. We have compiled the basic rules for organizing the space of the dining area, which can be located both in the kitchen and in the living room. The dining room can be either an independent area of ​​the apartment or a component of the kitchen. In the case of a classic layout, it is the second option that is relevant, and the more spacious the dining table, the better. To make the interior look representative, which is typical for the classics, the eating area is equipped with stylish furniture. It is important that it is combined with the main kitchen set and household appliances. Modern manufacturers offer a large assortment of ordinary and bar stools, voluminous and not so tables, decorated in the classic style. Models from the Empire or Baroque series are more decorated, in contrast to the elegant and laconic neoclassical furniture.

Planning and preparation

Modern kitchens are planned in different ways: someone separates the work area from other rooms, someone even combines it with the living room. And fans of the classics should take into account that a comfortable dining area is a must here. What is it? A spacious dining room, furnished with good and stylish furniture, is considered comfortable. Often, the dining area is an island planning element; it is a practical solution for the kitchen. On the one hand, the cooking area is separated from the dining room, and on the other, the interior is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Well, since the kitchen is designed in a classic style, the table, chairs, household appliances should emphasize it.

Different lighting

To make it comfortable and cozy to communicate and eat in the dining area, even in cloudy weather and late in the evening, this space must be light. If the dining area is located in the living room, different lighting options are also possible, since this room requires both a bright and solemn atmosphere, and a calm chamber with dim light for private conversations. In this case, double/triple switches would be an excellent solution, allowing you to turn on the light in separate zones and with different intensities. For smooth dimming, a dimmer can be installed.


A classic-style dining table is made in a rectangular or oval shape; for a small room, a round model is suitable. Correct geometry and complete symmetry of shapes are what a classic interior is simply impossible without. The design uses relief elements that imitate stucco molding, as well as patina. It makes kitchen furniture look like a rarity, creating an interesting retro effect. It is advisable to select chairs from the same series as the table so that the dining area looks organic. For a classic kitchen, both laconic, no-frills furniture and pretentious baroque models are suitable – just consider what style you want to recreate.

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Table positioning

In general, the dining table is located opposite the kitchen unit. This is a convenient and practical solution. But when the dining room is narrow and long, such an arrangement of the table makes the space unergonomic. In a kitchen like this, it is better to place the dining set near the window, since this area is usually not involved. Plus, this table layout adds extra daylight to the dining area. In a combined kitchen-living room, the dining table is best placed either on the border between the kitchen and the living room, or on the opposite side from the entrance to the room, so that the host has access to a table that does not block the passage. In a separate dining room, the table will become the focal point of the room. Requirements for it: sufficient size, reliability in operation, stability and the ability to fit into the style of this room. There are no restrictions on the choice of style in this case – everything is at your discretion. It can be luxurious Gothic, calm classics, and sunny Provence. You should only avoid installing a TV that does not contribute to the peaceful absorption of food and conversation at the table.

Comfortable space

At the stage of designing a place, it is important to calculate the distances and dimensions of the furniture in such a way that both the kitchen and the living room would have comfortable aisles: nothing should interfere with movement through the rooms. The distance between the dining area and the work area should be at least 4 ft, otherwise, the space will be cramped and uncomfortable for the host and guests. If the distance is more than 6 ft, then during cooking there will be a lot of unnecessary movements due to the large space.

Going into details

Not every kitchen and not every apartment has a place for a large table, and yet you can always create a full-fledged dining area, using some clever design ideas.

– Transforming furniture: it can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. Chairs can also be transformers, not just a table. Another good idea is a coffee table or kitchen island that doubles as a dining table.

– Corner sofa: it takes up little space, plus, there are also folding seats with niches in which you can store various kitchen utensils.

– Shelf table: the convenient shelf is wall-mounted and folded back if necessary. It takes up very little space, but when unfolded it replaces the dining table – at least for two.

– Bar counter: this option is suitable for a young family living a full life, loving parties, cocktails and entertainment. If the tabletop is made of high-quality material, then it is easy to care for it and it will retain its presentable appearance for a long time.

– Table by the window: instead of a window sill, you can make a table, and use the niche under it as a cabinet for supplies and dishes.

By following these tips, you can competently organize the dining area in such a way that it is not only as functional as possible but also cozy!