Why travelling is the best form of education in 2019


Education is beyond the walls of a classroom and in this modern age, there are countless opportunities to educate yourself and even more things to learn about. You would be limiting yourself if you do not embrace as many opportunities as you can to get more knowledge about the world and things that interest you.

A survey on Wyse Travel Confederation showed how travel influenced students’ approach to learning and how it deepens their understanding of the world and expand their career opportunities. Travelling introduces you to the world at large and shows you real-world experiences that you will not find in the four walls of a classroom. It reflects practical and visual information, which everyone would agree is the best way to learn. 

From teaching adults how to ride horses on their travel adventures, Freerein has this to say about travels. “Traveling helps you make new connections with strangers, open your mind to learn new things and gives you the opportunity to see beyond”. What better innovative way to learn than to travel and explore?

Here are more interesting reasons why travelling is the best form of education:

1. Language Skills

Learning more than one language is essential in the world today and even more for travellers but it does not come easy as our ability to store new information decline as we age. While English is spoken in most parts of the world, there are several places where you may have to struggle with the language barrier. Most travellers tend to do a bit of language studying, to familiarize themselves with the basics. This will help to not only communicate better with locals but to also be exposed to a new language and tribe. See this as an easy way to pick up new languages!

2. Financial Responsibility

Travelling comes with expenses and it teaches financial responsibility in the long run. To plan for a trip, you need to prepare a budget, work on your spending habit and learn to save. While all these might not come easy, it teaches you discipline and financial responsibility, which reflects in other areas of your life. The lessons from this are forever valuable to helping you live a financially stable life. 

3. Learn about Cultural Differences

Learning about the diversity of culture helps you understand better how the human mind works. Travelling exposes you to new people, their way of life, personalities, tradition and more that you will have to deal with pending the time you spend with them. With time, you will gradually learn about your similarities and differences and what makes them unique. This will help create a level of tolerance between yourself and other people from different walks of life, as you will have a better understanding of humans in general.


Travelling encourages personal growth by improving your decision making and social skills while pushing you to learn more about your new environment per time.