5 benefits of a strong alumni network


An alumni network is a professional and social network that brings together current and former students at a university. If at some point, you have studied somewhere, then you are considered to be an alumnus. As soon as there is more than one alumnus, they become alumni and several alumni imply a wider alumni network.

Some may not realize it right away, but obtaining high-quality education is not only about the qualifications. It is also about the lessons learned, the possibility to meet new people, and the development of strong relationships.

An alumni network can function both as an asset for you in your career but also as an opportunity to both maintain your contacts from the study period, as well as make new business connections. It also means an opportunity to maintain contact with the university and stay up to date on new research and current news.

In this article, we look at the advantages of having a strong alumni network.

Networking Opportunities

An alumni association is a broad and diverse network of contacts, offering networking opportunities that can lead to informational interviews, opportunities to network with established professionals, and help in pursuing a career change.  It can allow you to get a foot in the professional world through contacts that might be willing to recruit you during an internship or right after graduation.

An alumni community platform is a great way to take things a step further and establish a true community space where alumni can connect and engage easily. An alumni network can take many forms and a platform can serve as the perfect tool for staying informed about online career fairs, virtual networking, or social events, as well as delivering the right information to the right people.

Career Opportunities

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A strong alumni network can be extremely beneficial if you’re looking to make a career change, transition into a new field, get a promotion, or if you’re searching to hire a good candidate for your company.

Alumni often get offered exclusive job postings, networking events, resume reviews, and various resources free of charge. Alumni-only career counseling and career fairs are also usually available for a small fee.

If at some point, you feel the need to expand your knowledge and skills, you can take advantage of certain certificate programs or education classes that are offered to alumni at favorable discounted rates.


Alumni share a special relationship and connection with their former school and are more than willing to share their knowledge with current students.

A talented group of alumni has an abundance of experience and skillset in a variety of industries which they can share in person or virtually with younger generations as well as their peers throughout their professional lives. Alumni can also help students stay motivated, mentor them and also be the most valuable supporter when they launch their careers.

There are no better ambassadors for a university than an engaged alumni network. It speaks highly for the institution as they share their experiences and success with current and prospective students.

Special Discounts

Schools offer alumni all kinds of discounts, ranging from sports games, bike rentals, fitness centers to discounts on continuing with special education classes.

Other privileges might include discounts or even free access to museums, on-campus performances, or even discounts at your favorite bookstore.

When having a strong alumni network, chances are that it is partnered with businesses and this might provide you with discounts on restaurants, financial services, airfare, travel insurance, and apparel. As a young adult, this can save you a substantial amount of money which is a major perk of being part of an alumni network.

Lasting Friendships

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One of the most rewarding feelings you get after graduating is the feeling of growing and learning together with peers and sharing common values, beliefs, as well as getting emotional support and encouragement.

These are things that will stay with you for the rest of your life, knowing that you’ve made lifelong friends who have positively influenced your attitude and values.

Luckily, modern technology has made things much easier for us to stay connected, allowing us to reach out and keep in touch daily and nourishing that special bond.

Final Thoughts

Alumni networks are a great asset as they help cultivate meaningful relationships. Alumni connections not only help young people find employment but well-established and enthusiastic alumni can be of financial importance, bringing in donations for scholarships, building business connections, and growing an institution’s brand.

However, the biggest benefit of all is that it fosters trust and a strong sense of belonging among all the alumni, which creates a lifelong bond.