5 interesting trivia about the JEE examinations


When you plan to get into the top educational institutes in the country, like the CFTIs, NITs, and IITs; JEE is the gateway to success that you turn to. Every year, over seven lakh applicants sit for this examination to gain entry to a good college, and smooth out the path to their future. With each passing year, there is more study material and online help being available for the exams. Also, the exam has changed remarkably in its type and pattern in all these years. So, let’s look at a few interesting facts about JEE exams.

1. One of the most difficult examinations

Held as one of the toughest exams in the world, it’s the hardest one to crack in the country. However, do not let that scare you off because there is nothing that you cannot achieve if your JEE Advanced preparation is right. In fact, it gives you another reason to be proud when you pass the exam. 

Besides, there are online classes nowadays that you can opt for to supplement your preparation. You will not even have to travel anywhere to get your coaching. To add to that, there are videos on Extramarks YouTube channel to help you out.

2. IIT Kharagpur: The place where it all started

The oldest IIT (Kharagpur) had started admitting students depending on the academic performance. Then, IIT JEE came about in 1960 as the common exam to admit students in different IITs. This exam was previously known as the Common Entrance Examination.

3. English used to be a part of the exam

Earlier IIT preparations also included studying English. Back then, English used to be a part of the IIT examination. It had objective and subjective questions. However, in 1988, English was no longer a part of the exam. 

4. How AIEEE became JEE Mains

In 2002, AIEEE first came into existence. It was an exam that was introduced to admit students in different NITs in the country. Although it isn’t as difficult as the JEE advanced preparation, the AIEEE was also equally popular. However, demands were raised to streamline the exam structure in the country because of the following reasons:

  •     The increasing competition
  •     The growing fear in students’ minds
  •     The constantly reducing admissions

Finally, the concerns of educators and students across the country were paid attention to, and AIEEE and IIT JEE got clubbed together. And that’s how JEE Mains came from AIEEE and JEE Advanced came from IIT JEE. Students need to clear their JEE Mains first to be eligible to sit for the JEE Advanced exam.

5. The exam was conducted twice back in 1997

Imagine having to go through your entire IIT JEE preparation twice in one year. The IIT JEE papers have strict security measures levied for protecting the questions, though that could not save the day in 1997. The news unraveled that the question paper for the year had been leaked, and thus, a re-examination became inevitable.  

If you are gearing up for JEE exams as well, here’s wishing you the best of luck!