A guide to cheap moving services for university students


We go to university to complete higher study. Every year lots of people go to university in the big city. So they have to move to the city where the university is located. Every move is a stressful experience including university moving. Though DIY moving could be a good option. But hiring a professional moving service is a clever choice. However, in student life, we don’t have extra money that could be invested in the relocation. So we have to search for cheap moving options. That is why this complete guide will walk you through hiring cheap moving services for university students. 

Cheap moving service guide

There is a huge amount of moving service available. But not all of them offer discounts or cheap professional services for students. So, if you are going to move to university then you have to find the best cheap options for students. 

Make a plan: Before starting any work we have to make a plan. Because a plan makes the work 50% done. In that sense, we need to make a good plan about how we want to move to university. As we know a university is a big place and we have to live separately from our parents. There we will need to compromise on plenty of things. On the other hand, the plan will guide us to successfully complete all the necessary belongings to the new place.  

Ready all necessary belongings: After you have completed making a plan then you will need to pack all the things you want to move. This is very important before hiring a moving service. This step will not only save your time but also save plenty of money. Because the moving service has to do it then they will charge a cost for this. As a student, there is no reason for paying this extra money. So do it to save money.

Compare between DIY or Moving Service: There are two options for moving. The DIY method is cheap but stressful and time-consuming. On the other hand, professional service is expensive but a time saver. Which one is suitable for you depends on your time and your budget. But if you have plenty of helping hands (friends & family members) then DIY will be the best option. Nowadays lot’s of moving service companies offer discounts for students. They complete the moving professionally but cheaply. Nevertheless, you have to compare the investment of money and time between DIY and moving services. 

Living space measurement: The cost of moving depends on three things. First is the new place distance. The second is moving the item amount. And the third is the size of the pod or container. A student doesn’t have that many items for moving. So actually moving to university is not that costly. If you can measure all three things properly then you will be able to cut the cost. So, after completing the move you can save money from your budget. 

Verify Moving Company Documents: In the moving industry, you will face lots of scams. So be aware of scam companies. The simple and perfect way of avoiding a scam company is to verify the documents. Before you deal with any moving company, ask for license and insurance documents. You can verify the company details online very easily. It is important to save time and money. Otherwise, the company will rob you and you will lose all of your belongings.

Online Review: Online review is one of the best and most chosen ways of selecting a moving company. There are plenty of websites that provide customers with real experience. You can check those reviews so that you can hire an eligible moving company without any problem. There you can filter the best moving company for students. The result will show you the real experience of customers that use cheap student moving services. 

Hire Storage Pod: We need to hire a pod or container to move belongings from one place to another. But for the university to move, we don’t need to hire a big size container. So the pod is a standard choice of university moving. There is some moving pod company who offers cheap moving service. Those pods also have storage capability. So if you have to store all those belongings for some days then you can use the pod as long as you want. 

Do packing yourself: Packing is simple but boring work before moving. You can ask the moving service to do that. But they will cost extra money for that. So you can save money from your budget by dining the packing by yourself. At this time your friends and family members will play an important role to save you some penny. 

Make the apartment at home: Don’t pack all the things you had in your previous room. Pack the only necessary things that make the new apartment your home. 

Final Thoughts

Going to study at the university is really exciting. The excitement will increase if we can manage to move cheaply. Because the new place will take some time and money of yours so that you can settle perfectly as native.