A look at a corrupted State University


Last time around, I wrote of a scholarly report on how Social Justice Warriors take over schools, convert them from centers of education into indoctrination camps. While the report says little I didn’t see with my own eyes years ago, it does a wonderful examination of one particular school, San Diego State University, which has been debased into a place where young adults should not go to get an education, much less go deep into debt to be there.

I know, “California” and “crazy” are nearly synonymous, but the gentle reader needs to understand once one university adopts a set of practices, other schools are “justified” in doing the same. This madness has been spreading for some time, and I fear will spread further.

Let’s look at some of the warning signs of schools to avoid:

SFSU defines social justice as practically synonymous with progressive political activism. Its Equity & Community Inclusion bureaucracy cites “non-profit national organizations [that] are committed to social justice advocacy” that include bastions of progressive advocacy such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Transgender Law Center.

A parent curious about a school should look to see if a school has statements promoting social justice in its official propaganda. Universities should be dedicated to education and scholarship, anything else is corruption.

SFSU’s commitment to social justice has distorted its general education requirements. SFSU imposes a complex series of general education requirements, which restricts student choice for at least 17 courses.9 Every single requirement can be satisfied by a course devoted to social justice…

I apologize for writing in all caps, BUT THE ABOVE IS KEY. Many schools now have a “two tier” system of education, where students can choose whether to get an actual education, or receive intense indoctrination.

“General education” is a big part of what made university education such a scarce thing. Someone with a legitimate education has taken courses in mathematics, in science, in history…in a variety of fields. This is a person who is capable of learning, even learning things which are of no interest to him—the kind of person an employer desires, because the employer knows the graduate is capable of doing the job, no matter what the job is.

Now look at what happened at SFSU. The student can’t learn calculus? No problem, he’ll take Gender Studies instead. The student doesn’t want to learn any history? No problem, he’ll take Gender Studies II instead. The student doesn’t want to learn anything about science? No problem, just take Socialism Is Awesome instead. A student can replace 17 courses this way…a degree might be less than 34 courses. The student will graduate with an SFSU degree, but it means nothing, only that the student has been indoctrinated, not necessarily educated.

The only reason those “legitimate” courses still exist on campus is they are holdovers from when the place was a legitimate educational institution, but as the years pass, I’m sure they’ll disappear eventually, to be replaced by ever more indoctrination.

SFSU imposes four distinct social justice course requirements.

Even if a student goes to SFSU and devotes himself to education…he’ll still be forced to take a full semester’s worth of indoctrination.

A growing number of SFSU departments and concentrations explicitly dedicate themselves to social justice. These include the Critical Social Thought Program; Education: Concentration in Equity and Social Justice in Education; Education Leadership; Environmental Studies: Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Emphasis; Global Peace, Human Rights, and Justice Studies; Health Education; LGBT Studies; Race and Resistance Studies; Sexuality Studies; and Women and Gender Studies.

Look at all those fake departments on campus, filled with professors teaching all the bizarre new mandatory courses. I’ve seen multiple computer science departments close down and many academic departments shrivel…but these indoctrination departments only open up and grow.

I remind the reader this is a state school, and tax dollars are paying for this.

SFSU’s basic writing instruction now forwards social justice.

Note the subversion here: the students don’t learn how to be better writers in the writing courses, they just learn more social justice indoctrination. The report discusses things in more detail by listing courses and such, I’m just hitting the main points here.

It isn’t merely writing which is corrupted, mathematics likewise is turned into sludge:

SFSU’s basic mathematics instruction now also forwards social justice. Students who wish to learn mathematics at SFSU can now take A U 116 Algebra and Statistics for Social Justice or A U 117 Statistics for Social Justice. The latter course uses “topics such as education equity, income inequality, racism, and white supremacy and gender inequality to examine data using statistics.”

If a kid came to me and asked whether to become a heroin addict, or to go to SFSU…I’m not sure I could determine which would be the superior choice.

SFSU uses Experiential Learning Courses to provide course credit for vocational training in progressive activism.

“Experiential Learning” is yet another subversion of education. Experiential learning has nothing to do with learning, what is meant by this phrase is the students get course credit for activism. So, they protest, carry billboards, harass Trump supporters…and get course credit for such “experience.”

SFSU is now crafting its job advertisements to make sure that only social justice advocates will be hired in the future. Ads for both an Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek/Roman Philosophy and a tenure-track position in Linguistics: Sociolinguistics include the stipulation of “Providing curricula that reflect all dimensions of human diversity…and a commitment to social justice.”23

The above is the lockdown, dooming this institution until it is paved over and a new school is built on top of it. All faculty hired must be social justice warriors, dedicated to indoctrination…not education.

I again reiterate the faculty, the original legitimate faculty of 20+ years ago, screwed up. All that student loan money flowing in led them to believe that the time had come to hire professional mercenaries to administrate the campuses. Oh, they administrated alright, plundering away, and eventually selling out to the social justice warriors.

This is what has happened at SFSU, but is ongoing at many institutions. Ending the student loan scam will stop the process, but until that blessed day comes, a parent concerned for their children should note carefully the signs of a corrupted school given above, and do whatever it takes to keep their kids away from such a school.