Business thesis should empirically test business theory in real business scenarios


Business thesis is written by students reading for Business Management Degrees. Most popular among the Business Degrees is MBA, because many students finishing their first degree in some other field also opt to follow MBAs. So, Business thesis is almost synonymous with MBA thesis. Writing a thesis on business matters is not an easy task, considering the vast area of Business Studies and the complexity of the business world today. Therefore selecting a topic for the business thesis also is a great challenge.

Selection of a Topic for the Business thesis

There is no need to stress the importance of choosing an appropriate topic that is interesting for you thesis whether it is an architecture thesis, a history thesis or a management thesis. If you like to research into that topic for some reason or other that generates an enthusiasm for you to work with a keen interest till the end. Your advisor also should like the topic and must be very knowledgeable on that topic so that he/she can guide you and advise you. The topic you select must have a connection to your intended career and support it.

Avoid very common topics that have been studied again and again as it is very difficult to generate new and significant contributions of knowledge with such topics. It is always advisable to avoid the controversial topics for the thesis you write for the degree. The professors who will read and grade may have the opposite view to yours that may work against you. If your proposed topic is already familiar to you it is an advantage, because you don’t have to start studying on it from the beginning. So select your business thesis topic wisely. The topic may be selected from following subject areas or any other business related area.

  • Business and Technology
    • Management Information Systems
    • E-Commerce
    • Employment, Work Related Issues
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics, International Business
    • Finance, Economics, Accounting
    • Legal Issues in Business
    • Management, Leadership, Human Resources
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Non-Profit Business
    • International Business
    • Total Quality Management
    • Women in Business
    • Ethics in Business
    • Technology and Business
    • Government and Big Business
    • Business and Culture
    • Problems in Small and Medium scale Businesses

Some of the Thesis Ideas for Your Business Thesis

As the selection of a topic for a business thesis is of utmost importance you should be alert for the thesis ideas from whichever source they come from. It may be just a word that triggers an avalanche of ideas. You may hear that magic word in the class either from your lecturer, or a colleague, in a TV or a radio program, or you’ll recognize it when you browse the web, reading a journal or a book.

Just to put you on track on how you can capture such ideas, contemplate on the following thesis titles:

  • The Importance of Vision And Mission Statements In Corporations
    • The Internet’s Effect On Small, But International Business
    • Selecting & Evaluating Human Resource Training Programs
    • The Role of Information Technology in the Decision-Making Process
    • Ad Analysis / Advertising Winn-Dixie’s Marketplace Supermarket(a case study)
    • Bribery In International Business
    • Business Practices In India

After you select your business thesis topic writing a PhD thesis is like in any other research paper. You may have to arrange Surveys and Interviews to study and analyze business organizations, read a lot of Business related articles, books, magazines, journals, etc. and browse the internet for online available sources.

You have to work according to a plan. Write your plan. Then write your thesis outline which would look like this.

  • Thesis Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Methodology
    • Data presentation
    • Data analysis
    • Results
    • Suggestions
    • Conclusions
    • Bibliography
    • Appendixes

If you feel that you need help in writing the thesis it is best to look for professional thesis help from a good dissertation/thesis writing company.