Education schools: The source of campus anti-white racism


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The massive student loan scam is slamming our kids into a lifetime of debt slavery, but this fact just can’t seem to get into the news. On the other hand, scarcely a day goes by without one more “racial” scandal in higher ed, usually with another faculty or administrator coming out against the “epidemic” of racism supposedly plaguing our campuses, followed shortly thereafter with admin unleashing another “bold” plan in “response” to this newfound “problem.”

Now, administrators get their administrative degrees from Administration departments, and these departments are often nested inside of, or strongly associated with, education departments on campus. It’s no stretch to consider their sick obsession with identifying the ills of racism is coming from the schools of Education on campus.

Similarly, when some faculty comes up with another crazy “[common thing] is RACIST” idea, it only takes a bit of digging to realize the faculty is someone with some sort of Education degree…and again, it’s easy to conjecture their strange obsession must be coming from the school of Education, where so many of the other problems of higher education come from.

I made such an argument in my book, years ago, but I’ve been far more concerned with how higher ed is creating victims and destroying all standards. A recent article by Lyell Asher, “How Ed Schools Became A Menace,” in the Chronicle of Higher Education, investigates the School of Education—Anti-White Racism relationship. It’s a fine piece but, sadly, behind a pay wall. Allow me to hit some highlights and add additional commentary.

Ed schools, such as Teachers College of Columbia…have trained and certified most of the nation’s public school teachers and administrators in the past half-century. But in the last 20 years especially, ed schools have been offering advanced degrees in things like “educational leadership,” “higher education management,”…

Again, I’ve mentioned before the plethora of silly Administrative Doctorate degrees, and I even entered such a doctoral program so that I could review the entire curricula, and see with my own eyes what frauds these degrees are, at least relative to actual academic degrees.

The schools have long been notorious for two mutual reinforcing characteristics: ideological orthodoxy and low academic standards.

The author goes on to quote deans at Harvard’s school of Education, with the Deans noting how what was going on in those departments was un-intellectual. The reader should note this observation was made in 1969, when administrators were also scholars, and thus were saying this as a negative, unlike today, where deans have insufficient academic background to understand that being un-intellectual is a bad thing for a university department.

The author notes that nothing has changed since those observations from 1969, at least according to a more recent study:

…education-administration programs range from “inadequate to appalling, even at some of the country’s leading universities,”…with “no quality floor.”

That “no quality floor” comment is revealing, as it does much to explain why I kept running into people with administrative/education doctorates who clearly had serious issues with reading comprehension, extraordinary weakness in their writing skills (I emphasize these were people for whom English was their only language), and additionally had no trouble demonstrating no academic knowledge, talent, or appreciation.

When there’s “no floor” on what a graduate should be able to do, you can go quite low, after all.

This also explains why, when I was at sketchy schools, these people often viewed me as a loon (or punished me, if I was under them in the hierarchy) for having standards. Being “trained” in an “academic” “discipline” where there is no floor, neither at the graduate nor undergraduate level, they probably had no understanding of the entire concept of standards.

As an aside, however, I feel the need to point out these people honestly believe successful teaching is simply making sure all students get an “A.” I’m not a bad person, of course I want people to succeed…but if the skills we’re supposedly teaching are so trivial that everyone can instantly achieve perfect mastery of them, why should a degree take 4 years and cost over $100,000?

The author then extensively discusses the “micro-aggression” madness infecting our campuses today, by focusing on the key paper “Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life.” Again, I’ve discussed the micro-aggression issue, but author focuses on how the entire concept is formulated as though it were certainly true, that these infinitesimally small “insults” really do exist, and he uses this to explain the other aspect (in addition to un-intellectualism) which our leaders in higher ed are increasingly famous for: ideological demagoguery.

He highlights how our administrators are increasingly inserting themselves into our student’s lives. Now, I grant with so many administrators on campus, there’s little else for them to do, but with an ideology all about “everything is racist” and “we must battle the evil racists at every turn!,” the author has a great point here.

So it is unsurprising that dorm life now includes mandatory ideological training (in addition to indoctrination camps for the faculty), to entire campuses having anti-white days (where whites are not allowed on campus, under penalty of violence to their person), to explicitly racist hiring policies, to lecturing students on Halloween costumes, and all the rest.

Our leaders are, bottom line, trained in this ideology as they get their Administration degrees. Moreover, they’re trained in nothing else.

Students get this stuff crammed down their throats from day one. It used to be orientation programs took an afternoon, and showed students where everything was on campus. Now, “orientation” takes an entire semester, and students become indoctrinated into concepts such as “toxic masculinity,”
“white privilege,” “there are 23 genders,” and on and on and on.

“…”racism” is something only white people can be guilty of. As with Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984…”

–at least I’m not the only one seeing Orwellian concepts being adopted regularly on our campuses…

The problem with this ideological training is no discourse is allowed, and so there is no questioning of the beliefs being imprinted. Words are redefined to the point that it becomes impossible to even formulate a counter-argument. If “racism” can only be done by white people, what word do you use when non-whites practice racism?

Even in the dorms, students get no escape, and the author talks about how resident advisors are being transformed into “resident educators,” obligated to teach students about things “beyond the classroom.” Since this “bonus” education is not being done by academics and scholars, the curriculum can be the only thing admin knows about: yes, more ideology!

Back to the main thesis of this long article. A big part of why our schools are now all converging to ideological hellholes (at the risk of triggering our mainstream media with such a word) is our leaders are all getting their training from the Schools of Education on various campuses.

In times past the administration was drawn from faculty, so your dean might be a chemistry professor, your provost might be an English professor, and so on. No, they weren’t trained in “leadership,” but somehow, for centuries, selecting leaders like this allowed for considerable diversity of thought on our campuses, and our universities led humanity to the modern world.

Now all our “leaders” come from one system, hold only one system of belief, and despite their degrees in “Diversity of Leadership Excellence,” they are monomaniacal in thought, have no leadership skills, and are consistently degrading higher education into a system where the exact opposite of excellence is the outcome.

So, what we have here is a well-researched paper with a solid argument that the anti-white racism occurring on many of our campuses is simply an outgrowth of choosing our leadership of those campuses from a department notorious for adhering to an ideology which strongly embraces anti-white racism.

While I still maintain ending the student loan scam will do much to reversing the downward spiral of our higher education system, based on this research, I concede that we should also close down all departments of Education as well.

Too bad this article is behind a pay wall, as more people should see this sort of thing. I’m kidding myself, the only thing that gets publicity is finding yet another thing being RACIST…but I can nevertheless hope that someday rational thinking will be back in vogue.