Essays for the top Universities in the world


I want to get into the best universities in the world. I know that their reputation will give me the edge in life after I graduate from college. However, I know that admissions essay and personal statements are the most difficult part of the process.

If you are like me and you are also wondering what are the top universities in the world, then here are some of the university rankings that you might want to know.

Some of the Best Universities in the World

Harvard University

This is the most prestigious school in the world that produced awardees of the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize winners, and heads of states. I really want to get into this school because of its reputation and its outstanding quality in education. Because of this, I have searched online for someone who can write my essay for me. Getting into Harvard is difficult on my own but I know I can do it with the help of someone who has done it before.

University of California – Berkeley

This is the most elite university that is considered a private school. I want to get my Ph.D. in this institution because it has a reputation for producing a lot of professionals when it comes to graduate programs in computer science. During the screening, I was asked to do my essay and I admit that this is tough. I just tried to get a quality essay writing UK as an answer for your “write my paper for me, phase” in order to make my life easier. I know that this is worth it since getting accepted in this university is hard enough.

University of Chicago

Since I am interested in subjects such as Chemistry and other branches of Science, I know that the University of Chicago can help me a lot. The competition is tough and getting your paper stand out from the rest of the applicants will take a lot of hard work. This is why I asked someone to do my essay uk because I need to have a cutting edge over other applicants. With professional online help, I was able to deliver an outstanding essay that highlighted my good points, my previous scholarships, my school experience and a lot more. Now only the interview will tell whether I’ll be admitted or not.

Yale University

Yale is one of the top 20 colleges in the world that many students want to enter. It has a lot of laboratories where research for new technology is popular. It is also one of the best Ivy League Schools in the US. Some of the students in this school came from other countries so I expect that I will not be the only student there from a foreign land. Yale is a great school if you want to have programs in sciences, humanities, and advanced research about any topics in the world.

Princeton University

This is one of the oldest universities in the US. It is with this university where America’s Declaration of Independence was signed. The history is amazing and some say that when you study here, your 100% focus is needed. This school does not have a medical, business, or law professional programs. Instead, it is a kind of a think-tank school where you have to study hard in order to pass your course. It also has the best Mathematics Program in the World.

A Final World about the Best Universities

I know that if I want to get into these universities, I know that I need to study hard and long. I also need help on write my essay uk since these schools receive applications for thousands of students across the world every day. I was able to stand out b getting help and I know that you can too. I was able to find a professional writer online which enable me to gain some information about the tips and tricks of how the processes work. Whether I am going to be admitted or not after the essays will solely depend on my abilities to answer the interview questions. I hope you wish me luck and good luck on your journey too.