Fraternities can’t campaign against rape?



The administrative takeover of higher education has done no good for many reasons. Most of those reasons involve the sheer greed of so many administrators, plundering school after school in an endless quest for wealth and power. This sort of activity bankrupts schools, an obvious problem.

A more subtle problem is the takeover of higher education by the Left, in particular the Social Justice Warrior, and the associated ideology that comes with it. One aspect of this ideology I have only touched upon slightly is the belief that only “the right kind” of people can actually do certain things, the wrong kind of people are just too fundamentally inferior. Much as certain rappers can use “the n word” freely while most other people would find their lives destroyed for doing so, the SJW has shut out wide swaths of the so-called deplorable people.

It’s been made clear to me that my pallid skin tone, or my y chromosome, have put a hard limit on how far I can go in higher education…my contribution to higher education, at least within the system, will be forever limited, unless I want to “identify” myself as female or a protected minority.

I’m hardly alone, I suspect many voters started to realize the system is stacked against them for reasons that make no sense and are starting to fight back, at least in the voting booth. On campus, we are many years away from effective resistance.

“Walk a Mile In Her Shoes” is a rape-awareness program that raises money. The gimmick is you donate based upon how well the (male) volunteer walks in high heels. The money is then donated to relevant institutions. Ok, I grant this isn’t the most serious thing, but the cause is good and I see no harm in this. They’ve been around for years, no major scandals, and I’ve certainly seen (even been involved with) worse charity events.

A fraternity at University of Arizona decided they’d do the event. Hey, fraternities are supposed to do good things in between parties, I begrudgingly concede this qualifies. Harmless enough, right? Not so fast, says the SJW commissar:

University’s Women’s Center Cancelled Event Against Rape By Fraternity Because It Was ‘Sexist’

The hypocrisy of the SJW is always breathtaking no matter how many times I see it. Can you imagine the shrieks of horror if a campus had a “University Men’s Center”? Is there a single campus on the planet with such a center?

So, this incredibly sexist center apparently has the power to prevent a fraternity from raising money for (presumably) women. Ok, that’s a little inaccurate, but this sexist group was allowed to exert pressure to shut down the event:

Arizona’s Dean of Greek life advised [fraternity representative] Kaplan to cancel the philanthropy out of fear of backlash, as the Women’s Resource Center had apparently threatened to protest should AEPi go through with their philanthropy benefiting women. I hope no one who works at the Arizona WRC ever runs a food bank. People will starve.

How nuts is it that a fraternity can’t hold an anti-violence towards women event? Other organizations can, but a fraternity? Nope. You can bet a few years from now, the fact that fraternities don’t hold these types of events will be used to show that fraternities “support” violence towards women.

All the news pieces on this event cancellation cover the outrage but I dare to raise questions nobody else will:

Why must we have Women’s Centers? If they are truly necessary (I don’t think so), why don’t we also have Men’s Centers (we don’t need those either)?

Strangely enough, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at this university does have a subservient Men’s program, and the sub-director there is allowed to speak on this topic. Sort of:

The WRC’s Men’s Programming Director, Jamie Utt, was supposed to speak about sexual assault at an event sponsored by AEPi as a part of the philanthropy, and set to be attended by members of every fraternity and sorority on campus. Initially, for reasons I cannot fathom, Utt, who works for the University of Arizona and was speaking to U of A students, was charging $250 to do what was literally already the job he’s paid to do. After Kaplan’s exchange with Millay, however, Utt upped his fee to $1000, because the people who run the WRC might actually be awful human beings.

–let that sink in: this guy’s title is Women’s Resource Center Men’s Programming Director, and do note the title, even if we remove “Women’s Resource Center,” is twice as long as the administrator’s name. Thus this is a position that can be closed with no impact to the institution. Gosh, I wish I could get $1,000 bonus speaking fees to do the job I already do…why is it a puzzle how tuition keeps rising, again?

Again, this is breathtaking. Philanthropically raising awareness of this issue is banned, but the Men’s Programming Director can do so. And this guy, in addition to what is doubtless a big salary, actually charges to do what little his job entails.

Apparently, in an attempt to keep the event from being cancelled, Kaplan reached out to Johanna Sofield — with whom Kaplan is somewhat close and who runs the Long Beach Christmas Angel, where Kaplan also volunteers — to contact Millay and help convince her that she was wrong to essentially force the event to be cancelled. Apparently, once they started speaking Millay told Sofield that she is “sick of getting calls from white men, those dads of white privileged kids” and that white men have no concept of what sexual assault means. All this according to the email we received.

Now, I grant that the little details above are just hearsay from the internet, but it’s all a distraction. The reason college tuition is going higher and higher and higher is because our campuses are loaded down with useless fiefdoms, like the WRC, each desperate to gain power and influence, and all willing to sacrifice everything, even the supposed purpose of the fiefdom, just to gain…MOAR.

How much more of this madness can higher education take?