Fresh grad’s guide to finding a first job


Perhaps you have heard how daunting the job hunt could be. Being a fresh graduate, it can be easy to get left behind from the tedious job search with hundreds, if not thousands of applicants who aspire to fill a position in a particular company.

And so, you wonder how possible it is to stand out amongst the pack and how to boost your potential in the dreary process.

How a new graduate like you can get started to land a first job? Read on.

Curriculum Vitae

Of course, the first thing will include to Write My Essay For Me resume. Tailor your resume for a specific job and spend time to perfect it. Spell – check it thoroughly and get a constructive feedback from your family and friends. Additionally, find out as much as you can from the company you are eyeing – from its history, mission down to its vision as well as priorities.

Ensure also to use the right words. Remember that hiring managers and/or recruiters look at hundreds of resumes from time to time so learn to drop the clichés. Never create a generic list that could apply to everyone. Stop using the words hardworking, team player and ambitious. Instead, make use of words like influenced, launched and increased/ boost.


Don’t get it wrong but experiences don’t only mean getting involved in the workplace already in exchange of salary. Being a new graduate, you may be asked, “What have you been doing since graduation?”

You will get to amaze your potential employer once they knew your hunger for knowledge and experience. You can boost your relevance through internships and voluntary acts. You might not get paid but you’ll get experience from it. Beforehand, find an area that you are passionate about and see if there are any suitable roles or ask if you can shadow an employee for a day.

Online Persona

Do you know: 65% of recruiters admit they use social networks to screen professionalism of a candidate.

That being said, it is a must to clean up your online persona, may it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes.

Here are some tips:

  • Check your privacy settings and be sure to have an appropriate profile picture.
  • Set up a professional Email.
  • Remove/ hide posts with inappropriate language.
  • Keep your LinkedIn up – to – date and ask for recommendations.
  • Make an online resume and blog about your thoughts on the industry you want to work in.


Fact check: 85% of jobs are filled via networking.

And so, learn to search, find and connect. You can do this through attending local events as it will make your networking easier you can double up your connections made. You can also find a mentor. Invite someone you professionally admire for a coffee to ask him for some advice and if he can accept mentoring you. Also learn to connect with recruiters considering they already have relationships with hiring managers and can provide you with referrals.

Moreover, time management is always a factor. Basically, your job hunting is a job itself so it is a need to establish a routine and stick to it. Consider setting a daily goal. Like for instance is trying to apply for one particular job a day. Also, be organized; track progress across multiple job applications. Lastly, be proactive. Use your network and look beyond employment websites.

Closing Deals

Once you get a call for an interview, dress for success. Research for the dress code of the company you’re applying to and dress accordingly.

Also, be engaged. Note the following reasons why hiring managers reject young adults during interview stage:

  • Inability to answer questions and articulate skills (34%)
  • Lack of eye contact (33%)
  • Fidgeting (26%)
  • Bad posture (22%)

Always come prepared. Practice answering commonly asked questions and make sure your answers will be direct, confident, honest and thoughtful.

Lastly, make a follow up. Immediately send a thank you note to your interviewers for their time, Restate too your interest and enthusiasm for the job.