Gender pronoun obsessed school loses students (Shock!)


A weird identity politics madness has been steadily taking over our campuses for a few decades now. Individual faculty who stood up against the madness were dogpiled by rabid admin, and eventually removed; I’ve seen it with my own eyes enough times.

Last January, I covered such a dogpile at Laurier University. In this case, a teacher decided to have an open discussion of the “23 gender pronouns” symptom of the madness, and was called into the palace of the Diversity Fiefdom, for re-education: use of these pronouns was not a topic open to discussion. While I maintain these types of “conversations” between faculty and identity politics admin are commonplace, what made this particular incident remarkable was the teacher actually recorded the conversation, so that later all could hear with their own ears just how pathological the commissars on our campuses are.

The short description of that meeting is as follows: a pack of Diversity admin tells the teacher that secret witnesses of unknown number have complained that discussion of gender pronouns creates a toxic environment, and that having this topic in the classroom be something that is open to debate is illegal. It’s disgusting stuff, and even globalist Jordan Pedersen came out against this sort of behavior by admin.

President Deborah MacLatchy took responsibility for the “institutional failure” revealed by the “independent fact-finder report” commissioned by WLU.

–this is a very rare case of admin investigating itself, and finding itself at fault. Much like with police self-investigations, having a PUBLIC tape of the incident made it impossible to whitewash.

Having been caught in the act with indisputable evidence, admin quickly backed down and apologized…but I assure the gentle reader this stuff occurs on many campuses. The apology rings very hollow to me, because I know they’ll be back up to their dirty tricks just as soon as the public eye looks elsewhere.

Now that everyone knows what kind of school this is, how are potential students responding?

Laurier Finance Prof. William McNally pointed out the university’s admissions confirmations as of June 7 have declined 15.2 percent from a year ago, while first-place choices are down 12.5 percent, both the worst in the province.

I assure the gentle reader, this level of drop in admissions is a hard blow to the campus, and it’s clear a good proportion of the students are only going to this school for lack of a better option. Being a state school, they’ll survive this massive setback. Most likely, they’ll accomplish it by expanding class size and cutting down faculty—removing the Diversity staff who caused the problem is never an option.

I really want to point out, the whole purpose of Diversity staff is to create this kind of strife. If people weren’t so heavily devoted to the intense navel-gazing of identity politics, there’d be no need for Diversity staffers. So, they cause more problems, securing their position and if the problems are big enough, like at Mizzou, even more Diversity staffers will be added to admin.

Mizzou demonstrates this death spiral quite well, as they’ve lost huge amounts of students unwilling to go to a school wracked by race riots and more interested in Diversity than education.

Another school with race riots due to excess Diversity staff is Evergreen college. They too are losing a catastrophic number of students, over 20% in the last two years.

So the schools publicly known for this behavior are losing students. What is the administrative response? You can bet it won’t be about integrity or education, and definitely won’t involve thinning the ranks of admin:

Professor bans laptops to prevent Shepherd from recording her

–Shepherd is the teacher who made the recording.

As I mentioned seven months ago, steps will be taken to reduce recordings on campus. Admin sure doesn’t want to be put in another situation where they’ll have no choice but to rule against themselves based on publicly known evidence. What else is happening on this campus?

Shepherd could lose her job under parameters of investigation

As I also predicted, the teacher who made the recording will likely find herself unemployed, and unemployable, soon. Admin is vicious and spiteful, and hates admitting it’s wrong. I remember spending well over a year trying, and failing, to convince admin at my own school of things like “12/5 is not 2.35” and “consensus and arithmetical mean do not have the same meaning,” to no avail beyond receiving punishments. I foolishly kept assuming good faith on their part (because it’s hard to believe this level of incompetence or malevolence)…I should have made recordings, but I’ve kept my documents. It is certain they’ll get rid of the teacher as soon as they can get away with it.

Anyway, my successful predictions above are not due to any metaphysical powers on my part: I’ve simply seen these things play out many times, and I’ve observed admin more than long enough to have a firm grasp of their behavior patterns. “Punish the whistleblower and make it harder for us to get caught again” is as predictable behavior on their part as a cockroach’s response to the kitchen lights being turned on, for much the same reason.

She promised “mandatory and standardized” training and support between course instructors and TAs for “clarity and consistency.”

I predicted the above as well, because it’s well known that admin always wins when admin screws up. So, now additional admin will be hired to set up this new standardized training, and the old admin will receive pay raises for being part of a larger bureaucracy. There’s more to it than that, however.

The president implied that the entire policy could be on the table. Not only will WLU search for an “appropriate structure” to oversee the policy’s execution, but it will “undertake a full review” of the policy itself.

By “appropriate structure,” they’re talking about yet another university fiefdom, filled with highly paid vice presidents to oversee a policy that wouldn’t need to exist if there was a scrap of integrity on campus. They might even take “structure” literally, and build a new administrative palace in honor of their mistake (I concede I didn’t predict at the time they’d go this far). There’s even more to it than more waste.

Recall that the system on our campuses is edu-fascism, the merger of administrative and ideological interests. Admin wins, above, so next the ideology will need to win:

After the teacher who made the recording finds her career in higher ed annihilated, admin will hold mandatory meetings making sure everyone gets the message: “Identity politics is to be accepted as objective fact, and is not open to discussion. Anyone who records this statement will be summarily fired, as per policy.”

But at least we now have a recording of an example of the conversations that quite commonly occur behind closed doors in Diversity fiefdoms on our campus. Thus, there’s one fewer thing I’ve said about higher education my gentle readers need no longer take on faith is true.