How to make your writing tasks fun and exciting?


Everyone knows that college students have to dedicate really a lot of time to their writing tasks. This is a common way to give information and to communicate with others. That’s why it is important to know how to do it well. Another crucial element is to make it fun. Sitting before a clear page on your laptop screen might seem dull and boring sometimes. Want to know how to make writing fun? There are several pieces of advice that you can follow.

  1. Choose your topic wisely

If you have an opportunity to select the subject of your work – it is a great advantage. It is always better to write about something you enjoy or find exciting because then you don’t have to push yourself into something completely irrelevant. Even if you are working on a study project – find a perspective that captures your attention, and go for it.

  1. Get inspiration

Before starting you can find inspiration for your future paper. Whether it is a dissertation service with examples or a great song – it doesn’t matter, as long as it gets you in the mood. You can also find related pictures and graphs to the topic, draw something or even imagine what it would look like as a movie scene.

  1. Be prepared for mistakes

No one is born to be an incredible writer from the start. The craft is mastered through practice. Don’t put high expectations on everything you do. There will be lots of mistakes before you will be pleased. And it is ok. You can try free writing or brainstorming. Just don’t criticize your own ideas too much, let your mind explore.

  1. Use your experience

Another way to make work fun is to use your own stories. Rely on what you know and what you’ve experienced. You can use it as a creative way to give information. Add some jokes. Being funny is an amazing way to be entertained. And if you are working on a scientific project – try to conduct your own experiment. Then you have first-hand information. It makes everything more practical.

  1. Write every day

It doesn’t have to be a serious article – you are doing it for the sake of practice. Make it your morning or evening routine. Sit down and write 3 pages on whatever comes to mind. Don’t be judgmental and don’t try to give it a structure. Our minds are chaotic. And it is a fun part about it! You never know what you will come up with! You can write about the events of the day, your thoughts or anything else. Just make it a common habit.

  1. Get on reading

To improve your writing, you’d better keep reading. And I don’t mean someone’s dissertation or scientific books. You can read your favorite adventure stories or even interesting bloggers. It will expand your vocabulary. You will automatically learn different small things about language use and commas. Reading is fun and educational. It also helps to reduce stress and discover new ideas.

  1. Get a writer’s notebook

One of the essential skills of any author is to notice things that haven’t been noticed before. Or just notice the connection between things and phenomena. So you need to start observing. Get a small notebook where you can put your observations in. Go through them sometimes to find inspiration. You can put down something about people, news, things, anything basically. It will increase your analytical skills.

  1. Be creative

There are lots of ways to get a creative perspective. Try to look at thing from a different angle. For example, try to create a story of a paper cup. Find several pictures of different shoes and think of who could wear them. Write your own story of a tree leaf, etc. Imagine yourself being someone else. Of course, you don’t have to always be original, but this way you will get a fuller image on the topic.

  1. Use stickers or illustrations

If you don’t know where to start, put every thought that comes to your mind on a sticker. And put them all around you. Look at stickers and think, the connections will occur. This way you won’t miss any important thing on the topic. It also helps to define the structure of the text.

Illustrations make any paper more vivid and easy to read. Try to find photos or drawing that are suitable.

  1. Don’t consider writing a hard task

This tip might seem obvious and impossible at the same time. How I can consider it easy if I’m struggling, one might ask. The thing is that we tend to overcomplicate things. Just imagine how fun it would be if it would be easy. Think about it as an experiment, a joyful thing to do, to discover your thoughts and voice. After all, it is just writing, don’t let your fear stop you.

The article is written by writers writing service.