Kinds of cotton


Cotton is one of the most popular textile materials. Thanks to its properties it is widely used in the textile industry. It is also a great material for coffee filters, fishing nets or bondages and cosmetics.

It is purely natural and originates from plants. It is gathered from Gossypium seeds.

Cottons has definitely more advantages than disadvantages. It is resistant to high temperature and stretching. It is highly hygroscopic this can absorb much moisture. It does not tear easily, and is highly breathable. Thick cotton can make you fell warm when thin will keep the body chill. Cotton is very easy to color, to wash and maintain.

The biggest disadvantage of cotton is the long drying time and low creasing resistance. That’s why it is often mixed with additional artificial fabrics.

Kinds of cotton

There are 5 basic kinds of cotton – cretonne with canvas braid that is very versatile and is used to sew t-shirts, dresses, blouses, linens and infant clothing.

Satin – a popular linen fabric that is glossy and soft. It is mostly sold without any patterns, plain. It is ideal for summer, because it gives the filling of chill, that’s why it is not recommended for winter. Satin is also low creasing-resistant. Still it is soft, pleasant and glossing.

Veil – it is a thin and see-thru cotton material used mainly to sew jackets, dresses, shirts, and home decorations such as curtains. It looks very attractive and glamorous.

Gabardine is an elegant material with a specific crosswise braid used by tailors to sew jackets, coats, suits, trousers and pillows.

Canvas – it may look like flax, but its only a kind of thick cotton fabric used to sew outdoor garments.

If having troubles choosing the right material we should ask for a tester – a piece of fabric that interests us, so we can judge the texture of textile and decide whether it suits our needs. Ordering a custom pattern also shouldn’t cause any problems. provides us with the possibility to customize our orders effortlessly by fabric printing. Customization creates a unique material, that will definitely stand out and highlight our sense of style.