Preparing for your Jewish wedding? The ketubah is definitely a custom you don’t want to miss!


The ketubah is quite possibly the oldest known pre-nuptial contract known to man, and holds a special place in the ceremonies on every Jewish couple’s special day.

There are countless ketubot (plural form of the word ketubah) out there to choose from, so here are a few insider’s tips on what to look for when selecting your ketubah.

Ketubot come in a wide variety of text options.

Whether you’re looking to have a more traditional wedding, and would like the classic Aramaic text, or whether you want a customized text in English (or a language of your choice), every Jewish couple out there can find a ketubah that speaks to them. In fact, many ketubah artists provide a selection of texts according to religious affiliation, from Orthodox to Interfaith. So, there is no need to worry about finding ketubah that you will be able to cherish through your lifetime together.

Ketubot can be found in many different styles.

Not into a plain document on white parchment?  Ketubah have become a whole genre in Jewish art in its own right. Many fine artists apply their talents to creating stunning ketubot that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall and pass down as a family heirloom. The most popular styles today are the paper cut ketubahs embellished with gold and silver-leafing, along with intricate ornamental details, vignettes and symbolic motifs.

Danny Azoulay is an Israel-based fine artist who specializes in creating breathtaking ketubot for couples all around the world, of all affiliations. If you’re looking for unique ketubah, that’is as beautiful as it is meaningful to you, check out his art designs and text options, and get a quote for your ketubah today.

Mazal tov!