Looking after the environment with my canvas tote bag


First day of class and I am really comfortable making my way across campus with a canvas tote bag by Ketabags

Being an environmental science student I carefully considered my clothing and accessory options before coming to College as I did not want to be looked down on as a fresher.

The canvas tote bag ticked all the right marks.

  • It has an excellent strength to weight ratio. So carrying my books, tablet and the girl necessities is not too hard on the shoulders – and if it becomes a strain on the bra damaged right shoulder I can cross shoulder wear it for comfort.
  • Its durable – it will last my four years on this lovely campus
  • Its washable so the everyday grime is easy to get rid off. Hey I can even use it as my gym back and look classy with it after a sweaty workout. My boyfriend uses a canvas tote bag to carry his discus to training – showing the strength and durability
  • Its natural material – canvas. Fits with my environmental science ethos. Because it comes from a plant, canvas is a renewable resource.  Canvas is manufactured with low environmental impact and it is even recyclable.
  • Its affordable – I may not look like a glamour queen on campus but I will fit in and be an accepted part of the group.
  • If I want to get radical I can print a slogan or my thoughts on the bag to really make it an individual items.

Like everything we purchase we should take careful note of who has produced the bag. I chose inexpensive tote bags from Ketabags which is based in California because I want to make USA Great Again by supporting local industry. No my politics are not the same as Donald’s but I do want to support local industry.

Keta have been producing a variety of bags for the past 15 years so they have a high level of expertise. They produce bags that are what their clients want and the current trends.

Several plus’s in dealing with Keta bags are

  • All Bags are made with Durable Base Material.
  • Organization panel and media device fleece pockets in many of our bags.
  • IFOM Material lining, EVA padded support, webbed sternum straps for shoulder and handle.

Well I am off to the beach right now, with my trusty canvas tote bag which holds everything I need, plus my book (and some text books) tablet and clothes to wear if we stop at that lovely bar on the way back to campus.

Have a look at the Keta Bags range of product – it might just save you time and give you a lot of practical pleasure.