Meeting room booking software


Meeting room booking software allows businesses to schedule meetings and manage meeting rooms. It can be used in shared workplaces, conference rooms, event management, and the hospitality industry. The booking software provides space management and seating allocation features.

This workspace management tool helps you efficiently use your office resources and makes collaboration simpler. You can avoid double booking and overcrowded meeting spaces. Some meeting room booking software also offers analytics data to show how space usage and scheduling can be improved.

The benefits of meeting room booking software

    • Improves workplace management: 

With a meeting room booking system, you can avoid instances of double booking. Most booking software tools show recommendations for better management of your meeting space. It’s also useful if you have a coworking space with multiple clients, as users can be notified about room availability.

    • Boosts productivity: 

With real-time room availability, employees can book rooms and avoid miscommunication related to the meeting venue. Through a meeting room booking system, you can schedule meetings with an agenda and check if the agenda is accomplished or not, improving productivity.

    • Increased cost-efficiency: 

Inaccurate information on room availability results in wasted space. Conference room scheduling software ensures that every room is utilized. For instance, if a room is not checked into at its scheduled time, then it automatically becomes available. Reducing wasted space saves you money as it decreases the misallocation of your resources. Facility managers can also use information about room usage to make changes or updates to their workspace.

Who Uses Meeting Room Booking Software?

Meeting room booking software is useful to any type of business that has an office with multiple conference rooms or communal equipment. While administrators establish rules and policies within the software, these tools are intended to be accessible for everyone in a business. 

Meeting room booking systems are also better for booking stationary equipment like desks or physical whiteboards compared to tool tracking solutions.

Typical features of meeting room booking software

Here are some of the most common features of meeting room booking software:

    • Room availability schedule: Check the calendar to see room occupancy and availability.

    • Room booking: Book available meeting rooms in advance.

    • Utilization reporting: Track room utilization and resource usage to know how your workspace is being used.

    • Online booking: Schedule and manage meetings online through the software.

    • Vendor management: Monitor and manage room requests made by vendors or clients.

    • Multi-location: Manage multiple locations and meetings in different time zones.