Memory foam mattress buyers guide


We all know that good sleep leads to better results. We feel better, look better, and work better after getting a good night’s sleep. Most of us make a genuine effort to improve our sleep habits. However, it can sometimes be difficult to attain this improvement. It may be tricky to pinpoint the exact reason why we have trouble sleeping, as the reasons vary so much. Some of us cannot sleep due to joint pains that keep us awake. Others snore so loudly that they cannot fall deeply into sleep. Still others have a condition known as insomnia, which prevents the person from falling into a restful sleep. So where can these people get answers to their sleep problems? It starts by reading over a memory foam mattress guide for buyers.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was originally created by NASA in the 1970’s. It was intended to be used for seat cushioning and protection for airplane crashes. Memory foam was found to provide comfort as well as support to the user. They can lie on the mattress and the material will mould to your body shape. It has specific properties that lets the user feel as though they are sinking right into the mattress. These properties work for certain people, and are able to help them sleep.

How is Memory Foam Different Than Regular Material?

When you sleep on a standard foam mattress, the cells do not remember the shape of your body. They will try to spring back to their normal place as soon as you have gotten off the mattress. Memory foam mattress cells compress fully and retain their shape of the user’s body. There is pressure being spread through a large number of cells in the mattress. To the user, they will be feeling less pressure on their body when they lie on the mattress. This will result in a decrease of pressure points on their joints. They will feel less aches and pains as they sleep, and might be able to sleep through the night.

Another way that memory foam is different is because it is sensitive to changes in temperature. When the temperature is lower than usual, the mattress becomes firmer. This is because the cells of the material are more viscous. When the temperature rises, the mattress will become softer and more comfortable for people to lie on. The memory foam cells become more elastic.

What Should You Be Looking for in a Mattress?

Memory foam is not the most supportive material that can be used. It is primarily used for comfort, and not support. If you require a little more support than memory foam can offer, you will need to adjust what you are looking for. A memory foam mattress topper can be purchased and added to your supportive bed. This way, you will get the support and comfort that you were looking for. Memory foam toppers are fairly inexpensive, and so can be easily paired with a more expensive mattress. This will give you a good combination for your bed.

Memory foam mattresses differ in their properties. Some of them have a cell structure that is more open. This means that the airflow is improved and the user will not be as warm as they sleep on the mattress. If you get very warm when you sleep, you should consider looking into a mattress like this. Memory foam tends to be very dense and warm to the user, so this will be a good alternative. If you do not have an issue with excess warmth while you sleep, you do not need to look for particular mattresses like these. Other mattresses are different sizes, and some are heavier than others. If you have a small bedroom, you could try looking for a mattress that is smaller in size. A smaller mattress will be easier to maneuver into the house and your bedroom. However, if you prefer to sleep on a larger bed, you can look at bigger mattresses.

Reviews at The Sleep Judge have demonstrated that users will typically prefer quality over price when they are choosing their mattress. The thing that you should be focusing on is making sure that you select a product that will last a long time. Your mattress will be used every single day, and therefore should be something that can stand up to wear and tear. The durability of the foam should be tested by the manufacturer before you purchase the mattress. You can request to see a review of durability, or talk to an expert before you purchase from a certain brand. Inexpensive memory foam usually is low density, and will wear out very quickly.

Some people do not know the thickness of the foam that they should be looking for. They do not know the exact foam that will work best for them. The typical size of memory foam is three inches thick. This is ideal because you have a good amount of material to properly cushion your body. Two inch memory foam will also suffice if you have no other option, but your best bet is three inches. You will not sink so much into the bed, and will still retain a good amount of support.

What Type of Foam Should You Look For?

Higher density foam is a good option if you are looking for quality. Higher density means that the foam is able to cushion the body and mould to the proper shape. If you have a choice, try to purchase memory foam that was made in North America, Europe or the United States. This is because the foam typically will be made with higher quality materials compared to other countries. If you purchase a mattress of memory foam from other countries, it might be because they are offering it for a lower price. However, this could be because their materials do not meet the minimum standards. These standards are important because they test the foam for chemicals and toxins that are poisonous to people. Some foam is heavily-laced with chemicals, and they spread to the user when they lie in the bed. Many illnesses have been traced to sleeping on mattresses that had chemicals infused in them.


Memory foam mattresses are very useful to certain people because they help solve many sleep issues. They have the ability to provide comfort to people who suffer from extreme joint pain and cannot get comfortable enough at night. They also allow people with insomnia a better chance of rest. The user can lie on the mattress and have the material fit to their exact body shape. This will help them drift slowly off to sleep and hopefully remain asleep all night. If you are unsure about which memory foam mattress, there are many places to go for information. You can start online and do some research about the different types of memory foam mattresses. You can determine which product would be the ideal solution for your needs. After this, try going to a mattress store and speaking to someone in person about it. They will be able to show you different options for you to consider and try out.