Old white male Professor advises College-bound


I don’t go to American Thinker often, but a recent post there from an “old white professor” has some good advice…though I have a bit to add.

Advice to the College-Bound from the Old, White Professor

While the advice is good, the professor here doesn’t realize that most battles are decided before the first drop of blood is drawn…what I mean in this case is that picking the right school is most important, and the advice flows from that.

Since he doesn’t give that advice, allow me to do so: don’t go to an expensive school unless your family is so rich they can pay for it. Yes, graduates from expensive schools tend to get higher paying jobs and that’s why kids are told getting a loan is a good idea, but bottom line, those higher paying jobs invariably go to the well connected (i.e., the people rich enough to send their kids to such schools without going into debt).

So, there’s my advice that trumps everything else: go to a school you can afford. That’ll keep you out of more trouble than anything the old white professor has to say. If you’re not academically inclined (which is why you should take the SAT/ACT even if the college doesn’t require it, so you can know this), seriously consider learning a trade. Even if don’t go into debt, spending a few years learning about things you don’t care about isn’t going to help you anyway.

Let’s get to his advice:

Nearly all college experiences begin with a series of orientation sessions. Most start with the assumption that you are the cursed offspring of a flawed society. You come to college not to be educated but to be reeducated.

The above isn’t really advice, but reinforces my idea: if you’re going to a school like this, you’ve probably already lost the battle. In “the olden days” orientation was just an afternoon learning where everything on campus was, but for many campuses, ideology is everything and orientation has blossomed (wilted?) into preliminary re-education.

The brainwashing will begin in orientation but will not end there. If you live in a dormitory, there will be required sensitivity sessions run by minions from the office of residence life.

Once again: if you’re living in a dorm where you’re subjected to indoctrination every day…you’ve already lost. I really don’t recommend dorm life if any other option is available. Not only are you trapped into indoctrination, you’re also trapped into the paying exorbitant college expenses.

Additionally, in my time on campus, I saw more students than I can count also get trapped into the drinking/partying culture on campus, because they can’t leave the dorms where the culture incubates. So, live off campus if you can, and parents be advised that administration has long abandoned their responsibility to the students, and so parents cannot expect their kids to be safe from corrupting influences in a dorm on campus—in fact, they’ll likely be exposed to more than if they lived on the streets around campus.

Many of you will be compelled…to complete a multicultural requirement. These courses are compulsory because no rational person would sit through them.

Yet again, if you’re on a campus where you’re forced to do this…you’ve likely already failed to select an appropriate school. Yes, universities have always had mandatory courses, but those courses provided a foundation for further education. Even if that were not the case, some rational people will sit through a course in calculus, or Western history, or physics, or quite a few other courses willingly…but only a lunatic or deep ignoramus would willingly take “Gender Studies” at this stage, because the insanity of what goes on there is too well known.

…invoke a stereotype about black people based on their high crime and recidivism rate, and you will be admonished that to brush all black people with a single brush — especially without context — is racist. To characterize all white people as racists, however, is not a stereotype but an intellectual incision.

The issue in the above isn’t merely that you’ll hear the above from “that one guy” in the department, but that there are whole departments now where “that one guy” is instead the one who realizes hypocrisy is a thing and was therefore fired, and so students will instead hear the above in course after course after course with no alternative point of view presented or allowed.

In these classes, you will never say that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was the product of Africans who shifted the trans-Saharan slave trade westward. You will never point out that two African potentates, King Tegesibu of Dahomey and King Alvare of the Congo, were among the wealthiest men in the known world, having gotten rich by selling slaves.

And the above kills the whole “whites are responsible for slavery” in a single paragraph and a link…but the old white professor here is railing a bit too much against this madness on campus. Where’s the advice?

It is not that the administration doesn’t know what goes on in these classes, but to intercede would result in charges of racism and violation of so-called academic freedom. If you complain, your grade will crash to the floor.

Well, finally, some advice: don’t complain about the indoctrination, because your grade is a function of how well you can show you’re indoctrinated. Good advice, but once again you really want to avoid going to such classes in the first place.

If you regurgitate this view of the world, apologize for being white, and check your white male privilege, you will do fine.

Good advice, again, but I’ll better it, yet again: you can easily get the degree program requirements from your school. Before setting foot on campus, see if the mandatory courses are “math, English, science, history” or “gender studies, African studies, child sexuality, Whites are the problem.” If the mandatory courses are like the latter, avoid the campus. I know, it’s usually not that easy, but you could also check out the faculty teaching those lower level courses; if they all have Education degrees, then once again that’s a hint you need to walk away.

I guess this advice would have better been given six months ago when kids usually start applying to colleges, so I respect that if you’ve already lost, already find yourself on a converged campus, the old white professor has the right of it.

You can get the same politically correct, meaningless education at your local community college for less than a third the money and without the student loan debt. Unless, you have secured entrance to an elite school, the first two years of undergraduate requirements are indistinguishable from the courses in a good suburban high school.

The professor gives the above advice in the context of getting a job unloading boxes of soap, and I do agree with him that a community college education is sufficient for that, usually.

The old white professor finishes with advice I can’t top, and so I yield to him the last word:

If you are an average student, uninterested in participating in a learning environment that will harass you because of your race and was built on the model of the 19th-century German university, consider trade schools. A certified mechanic is far more in demand than a liberal arts graduate.