Preparing students for transitioning from High School to College



Parents want their children to succeed and the only way to do that is getting a college degree. However, transitioning from high school to college is quite difficult, as most students are forced to leave their home behind. It is up to the parents to help their teenager make this transition as smooth as possible. There are many things that must be done prior to the start of the first semester. It is highly recommended to begin preparation for your college move after the high school graduation celebrations are over.

Develop A Four-Year School Schedule

After you get accepted to a college, you will need to start developing a four-year school schedule. If you are unfamiliar with how colleges operate, you may want to schedule a visit to your high school counselor. The counselor will help you chose the prerequisites related to your college degree of choice. You can also meet with a counselor at the college if you do not have access to a high school counselor.

Making The Move

Every new college student will need to move. Some will move into a dorm, while others will live in an apartment near the school. Either option will work exceptionally well. However, it is important to realize that moving in the New York City area can be difficult and very expensive. Unless you have a truck, you’re going to need to pay excessive fees to rent a truck. Or, you could always skip a headache and take advantage of Dumbo Movers NYC. The new student should move in at least a week or two before school starts, so they can become accustomed to their new environment.

New Schedule

Another thing to remember is that New York City is the city that never sleeps. This is something that students of New York need to overcome. In order to succeed, the student will need to go to sleep early and get up early for class. Adapting to that new schedule can be difficult, but this is a necessity for all New York City students! Take a month or two to get your body on a new schedule, so you’ll be completely ready for school.

Learning Time Management

As a college student, you will quickly discover that you aren’t going to have nearly as much free time as you did when you were in high school. This means that in order to be successful you are really going to have to learn how to properly manage your time. This means sitting down and taking a long, hard look at your assignments, responsibilities, events, and plan everything accordingly. You have to remember that college exams are much more thorough and cover a lot more material than high school tests, so it is likely that you won’t be able to study the night before and get a decent grade.

In addition to this, some classes might only last 50 minutes, whereas other classes can be as long as three hours. All of this should factor into your time management schedule. You also have to remember that you probably won’t be able to rely on your parents to do some of the things that they used to do for you like cooking and laundry.

Managing Money

For a lot of college students learning to properly manage money will be a completely new concept. You are now going to be on your own, so you are going to have to know how to properly manage your financial aid, shop on a budget, and maybe even hold down a job. Of course, you always have the option of taking out additional loans in the event that you mismanage your financial situation, but this is something that you want to try to avoid at all costs.