Why you should quit your job and become a teacher


If you are among the many struggling to find purpose in your life and attempting to chase your dreams yet finding a sort of emptiness at every turn, the solution may not be in the big promotion in your current job. It may be as simple as finding your purpose through teaching and even though the pay may not be up to your current job standards, a move into teaching can give you more benefits than you realize.


One of the main reasons people turn to teaching for a career is the fact that the job is quite empowering. Where other forms of employment simply allow you to improve the individual company through your own efforts, teaching allows true empowerment. You are not just a number when teaching. You can feel empowered by sharing the knowledge you have with others.

Broad Reaching Impact

The impact a teacher has on their students is powerful. The reach that your words and lessons will have are not within just the small window that you see within your classroom. Teachers have the true ability to impact the world as a whole. You may be teaching a room full of children today or even college students, but once they move onto other parts of the world your words go on with them.

A Legacy

Teachers have the ability to impact their student’s lives, not only while they are in the classroom, but far beyond. Some of the most successful people in the world accredit their success to the words of an individual teacher. We all can think back on our school days and remember at least one teacher that said something or did something that impacted our lives in a positive way. That type of legacy cannot be found in any other form of employment.

Continued Learning

Choosing to teach is not just about a desire to educate. Teachers, although they are meant to teach, get the opportunity to learn as well. Teachers often have to attend additional classes to learn new curriculums as the education system evolves, but the learning does not even end there. With so many students passing through class, a teacher gains a new perspective on life through the lives of the students. They have the chance to see varying viewpoints. It gives the teacher the ability to connect with more students throughout the years and that type of learning experience is simply unmatched by any other field of study.

Becoming a teacher is not just about taking home a paycheck for a job well done. It is much more than a 9 to 5 job experience. If you want to find true purpose and feel fulfilled by your work like never before, teaching is the answer and even though you may not make millions of dollars by becoming an educator, you will make a good living. Interested in switching to a fulfilling career where you impact people’s lives on a regular basis? Get in touch with Simply Education to kick-start your career in teaching.