Reshaping the body: 5 points to get liposuction abroad


Self-confidence starts with your inner determination. But the body type takes part. Are deposits on hips, abdomen, or arms the reasons you feel out-of-tune? Sometimes the optimal diet and regular sport are not the solutions, and you can try liposuction to get rid of stored fat. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world that may help you to remodel your shape in a simple, quick, and safe manner. There are some points why it’s so proper going to another country to pimp your body.

Point 1: prices

It is one of the most significant parts why liposuction abroad is the right choice. Some countries provide very reasonable procedures with ensured quality services. The prices may vary depending on the number of procedures and parts of excess fat you want to remove, e.g., on thighs, calves, or neck. In most cases, the costs include medical center’s and surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and post-op fees. But check if the accommodations, transfers, and meals are on the list.

Point 2: surgeons and technologies

The broad experience of plastic surgeons is another reason to choose overseas clinics for lipo. You must be very selective while picking the doctor because your safety matters a lot. The foreign medical teams can boast of approval and certification by the international health associations, like the JCI organization. And top hospitals abroad are equipped with up-to-date facilities to make the liposuction process as easy as that.

Point 3: stats

Figures speak louder than words. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s statistics, almost 1.7 mln persons worldwide make liposuction each year (as of 2019). The procedure is the most popular in Turkey, where 40,000 surgeries are made per year, while South Korea ranks No. 1 in terms of the operation performed per person. The percentage of women who want to change their body image through lipo is much higher than men — approximately 1.4 mln (female) vs. 24

Point 4: price score

The costs for liposuction abroad are subject to change. For instance, the average price of this procedure in Turkey is $720, in the Czech Republic — $1,500, and up to $2,000 in the US. Of course, it depends on the clinic, available lipo’s method, and body region. Indeed, the tummy liposuction mid-price in South Korea will cost you $11,100, and in Turkey, it takes only $4,250. The average price for upper arm liposuction in Mexico equals $3,200, and the same procedure cost in the US is almost two times higher. It seems that the decision to look for cosmetic surgery abroad is not all bad. Instead, you will gain a well-performed procedure with a long-lasting positive effect on your body and budget.

Point 5: top clinics

You can choose the type of liposuction by doctor recommendations and medical advice — tumescent, laser-assisted lipo, or ultrasound. But the clinic itself is the matter of choice., a free platform for health treatment arrangements, could be an excellent companion to shape your decision. It operates globally and can help find the prime clinic, arrange a trip and assist during the whole process. According to its reviews and data, there are 159 top clinics, providing keen prices, excellent services, and all-inclusive packages for liposuction. Turkey, Mexico, and South Korea are the leaders on this list.

Turkey has 2.5 times cheaper price offers for liposuction in comparison to the US or the UK. The patients from Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Italy prefer to visit its clinics to improve their appearance. Here are three flagship clinics based on the patients’ community feedback:

  • Estetik International Clinic;
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center;
  • Adem and Havva Medical Center.

If you want to check the hospitality and quality of South Korea plastic surgery, there is no better choice than Banobagi Clinic. By the way, it is an official medical center of a popular reality show “Let Me In”, changing the life and appearance of the patients for free.


We cannot underestimate the power of beauty. And body contouring procedures can make us feel more sophisticated as removing the adipose tissue from up to 25 areas. The proper choice of the clinic will help you save money and make your medical journey an allure adventure that will last for years.