Samurai Cats – The latest NFT project brought to you by popular American DJ Steve Aoki and Japanese artist Hiro Ando.


Getting the art world on a digital platform the duo have teamed up to give a unique product to people via the NFT sphere.

We have seen people from various industries step into unknown territories and make it big. We have one such fine example of present time by the name of Steve Aoki, who has stepped into the world of cryptocurrencies to bring an interesting NFT project named Samurai Cats by partnering up with the famous pop art figure from Japan, Hiro Ando. Being a popular American DJ, record producer, music programmer and record executive who has been credited with being the highest grossing electronic dance music artist in North America. This popular artist from Japanese descent has now tried to step into an entirely new arena which has taken over the world’s affairs by storm. We are talking about cryptocurrencies which have gained a fast momentum with many entities getting drawn towards it to surge ahead of all.

We asked him how he thought of getting into this entirely new field, to which he answered, “I have always been an art lover and even have a Samurai Cat by Hiro Ando as I strongly believe that it protects me from the evil eye. I observed that since the onset of the global pandemic the entire workings of various industries changed and many transitioned into the digital space, especially the art industry which saw a significant change by getting hold of the digital reins. I thought this was the right time to enter into this space and hence joined hands with Ando to get this project forward, which I feel holds immense potential to grow in the near future.” It will showcase the eminent artist’s genuine works in digital form, which would make a huge impact on its launch, industry insiders predict.

Renowned Japanese artist Hiro Ando also has the same opinion and has taken up this opportunity at the right time by stepping into this space by launching his NFT project, Samurai Cats. He, being a known name around the pop art space, has even co-founded Studio Crazy NOOdles, the most talented team we have ever seen in present time who have contributed towards the project in their own way. Ando says that he always wanted to take that extra step in getting the world of art to the next level and with Samurai Cats he has found the right path as it amalgamates the real with the virtual world in the right way. Talking about this NFT project he says that there would be a total of 4747 Samurai Cats NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain which have been hand drawn by him randomly from over 300 layers. It has already created a strong buzz well before its launch and is projected to be one of the best running NFT projects to be launched this year.

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