Top 3 reasons to study Law at University


Wondering if a law degree might be worth pursuing at a university? All the lawyer jokes and stereotypes aside, it’s one of the oldest professions on the planet and one of the most rock-solid careers one can think of. From Athenian orators — considered the forerunners of lawyers — to the Middle Ages to modern times, lawyers have been around and will be as long as the society operates.

Law isn’t just a lucrative career in itself; studying law can open up a world of opportunities. Not only will you qualify for exciting and challenging roles like that of a criminal defence lawyer or a corporate lawyer, legal studies can prepare you for jobs outside the legal field too.

That said, here are the top three reasons why you might want to study law at a university.

  1. Gain Prized Skills

As a law student, you will acquire valuable skills, which include putting forward solid arguments, negotiations, interpretation, research, and communication. You can apply these skills to both legal and non-legal industries. With every sector becoming more competitive, having these skills under your belt will never go to waste.

Most importantly, law applies to almost every transaction in your life, from buying a morning cappuccino to signing a rental agreement. With the right skills, you can navigate these transactions with ease.

  1. Build Yourself Up for a Flexible Career

One of the misconceptions around law students is that they can only be lawyers. In reality, they can enjoy a very flexible career. Whether you decide to stay in the legal industry or explore other avenues, you can always make good money.

Large corporations are always looking for professionals who can legally advise them or fight tough legal battles on their behalf. Lawyers also routinely find their spotlight in many government positions. Getting hired in these roles can come with hefty pay packages and perks.

If you choose to stay in the legal industry, there are plenty of good law firms you can join. But the flexibility does not stop there. Lawyers can set up their own fees and hours. They can choose who to work for. They can specialise in a field but can easily transition to a different one. In other words, if a family law lawyer wants to switch to criminal defence, they can do so.

Many universities allow cross-disciplinary studies, allowing students to combine law with other subjects. This broadens their knowledge and push the boundaries of their career.

  1. Make a Difference

Is earning a lot of money not your end goal? Do you want to bring actual changes in your society? Then, you have all the more reason to study law. A lawyer is an empowered individual, who can advise and support unfortunate people against discrimination and social inequality. A lawyer can bring weight to arguments against any social, economic or environmental issue. A lawyer can be the defender of human rights and an agent of change.

No matter how you look at it, studying law at a university is a great step for a bright future.