Unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting: What is the basic difference in both?


Choosing webhosting is one of difficult decision for one who is going to launch their site. Below you can read which type of hosting is best for you:

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Due to the fame of WordPress, some web hosting suppliers have selected to dedicate themselves to WordPress and propose what is called Managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting is a caretaker service where the host directs all the technological features of running WordPress. This includes speediness, WordPress updates, scalability, daily support, website uptime, and safety.

The thought at the back of Managed WordPress hosting is to give an entirely unproblematic experience. WordPress professionals provide support with hands-on experience instead of someone reading the support manual.

Clients describe managed WordPress hosting as “a five-star hotel for WordPress” and “how to have an army of WordPress experts on their side.”

Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting

  • Blazing Fast – WordPress hosting servers are specially configured for WordPress. They are very fast, even when your website receives a lot of traffic.
  • Security: Using a managed WordPress hosting provider is essentially a piracy test. They have a very strict security layer that actively analyzes malware and blocks all piracy attempts.
  • Expert support: Unlike other web servers, staff members know WordPress very well. We recommend that you do not use add-ons that affect performance or resolve issues faster.
  • Daily Backup: Create a daily backup and provide a restore point if you want to undo.
  • Automatic updates: Updates occur automatically, so you don’t have to worry about updates.
  • Development tools: Depending on the host, development tools such as staging area and version control are generally used.

You probably think the benefits sound very attractive, but are there any disadvantages?

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting

  • Price: Managed WordPress hosting is very expensive compared to shared hosting. Typically, the master plan starts at about $ 29 per month.
  • Limitations: Because the server structural design is picky for WordPress, it is often limited to organizing only WordPress-based websites. But that’s what you required to do anyhow. Not every WordPress hook up can be a dash. WordPress hosting suppliers obstruct embellishments that slow down your website.

Unmanaged Hosting

The provider puts the hardware or physical equipment and takes care of it, also ensuring that it is connected to the internet.

That is, when we are going to hire an unmanaged hosting, the unmanaged hosting provider only give you assurance about the machine that rents us is operational, without being accountable for any problems that may be “inside”.


  • Cheap rates; cost in case of unmanaged hosting is very less and almost nothing.
  • Companies or professionals with personnel specialized in systems maintenance that can be dedicated to the monitoring and resolution of problems and daily management.

Disadvantages of unmanaged WordPress hosting

No doubt cost of unmanaged Word Press hosting is very less but provider will not provide any type of support in this type of hosting.

How to decide which hosting is good for you

Managed server hosting that could be considered an extension of the dedicated hosting, in the sense that in addition to having all the resources of the server, the maintenance and daily management is delegated to the provider.

If your company employs IT personnel, you can better use your time in other tasks specific to the company; also, since the web hosting provider team is a server expert, you can deal more rapidly and simply with any problem. Managing a hosting on your own involves a certain periodic cost that, depending on the difficulties that appear, can increase significantly. As the hosting provider is in a position to acquire wholesale cost for parts and software, as well as bandwidth, it is probable that a managed web hosting server will get more into account if we consider total cost.

Why unmanaged hosting can be complicated

You like to hire unmanaged hosting as it costs you almost nothing. However, this can take too long and keep you away from other things that are more important to your business and growth. Also, you may be saving money now, but in the long run, this may not be so beneficial. Take this into account. Your site is always taking a long time to load, but imagine it two years later. When your business and website traffic increases.

A backup plan takes too much time and effort, but if the worst happens, you can pay for it in other ways. For example, a few days off puts your site at risk and fills up with spam links to random websites. Or if something goes wrong with the updated WordPress manual and your website goes down, you may need to constantly monitor your site and implement performance and security optimizations. Therefore, it can eventually paralyze your business.