Want to be a great leader? Never stop learning.


Do you want to be more than just a manager at a company? Are you seeking to improve your leadership persona to get ahead in life and at the same time lead other people to success? Is it that you have no idea about leadership, but you believe that it’s time to change for the better? Whatever your case might be, one thing that you need to know about great leaders is this – they never stop learning.

Leadership is not just a skill that someone is born with or acquires very early on in life and then enjoys its benefits for the rest of their life. On the other hand, there’s nothing to worry about if you never had inspiring role models around you that motivated you and brought out the leader in you.

What you need to understand is that leadership is a dynamic phenomenon, a process of social influence that necessitates constant input, refinement, and commitment. A leader increases the efforts of others by influencing them and helping them achieve a specific goal.

Leading is a pursuit that can’t be fulfilled unless you have something new to learn, share or implement on a regular basis. So the question is – how can one find time to learn something new especially when we have such busy schedules?

The answer to this question is simple – you have to be curious. Curiosity will take you places that you wouldn’t have possibly imagined. Like Albert Einstein said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

So regardless of your profession, being curious means that you will have the burning desire to find out why things happen the way they do. Similarly, you’d want to know why people behave in a certain way or what could be done to change the outcome of a particular task.

When you try to find answers to your questions in their relation to your specific field, you then begin to expand your horizons of understanding and discover new ways of approaching a problem. As stated earlier, great leaders stay motivated and curious and have the passionate urge to improve their roles and learn new skills.

Often being regarded as an expert gives one the illusion of knowing everything or knowing more than others. You might be proud of the fact that you are the most experienced in your niche or domain but a great leader would never fall for this deception.

Simply put, a great leader will always be intrigued to watch and listen to other people to learn something from them. They never try to put others down by boasting how knowledgeable they are. Instead, they are willing to learn new things from their employees and team members. Just because you are the leader, doesn’t mean you know the most. The willingness to learn new information and adapt to changes will show how much of a great leader you are.

The most inspirational leaders are passionate about excelling and driving themselves and their teams forward, and they are committed to doing that by constant learning. Asking ‘why’ is one trait that all great leaders possess to ensure that they understand the cause of a problem. However, the best amongst us all will be the ones who repeatedly ask this question, i.e. ‘why’ until they get down to the root of the problem and not its superficial symptoms.

To evolve as a leader, you must take responsibility for your actions. In some cases, the root cause of a disaster could be the very same managerial decision made by you, but because you want to always improve your leadership, you will not hesitate to enhance your decision making and problem-solving skills.

Learning means growth and where there is growth there is life. When there is no growth, there is stagnancy and decay. That’s the law to flourish in this universe, which is in a constant state of motion.

Like energy around us, we need to keep moving, and this means learning new skills. Influential leaders know this for a fact. They know that if they don’t continue their learning and growth, they will be left behind in this ever-changing world and may soon even be replaced.

The most brilliant of the leaders and pioneers we have today know that before they can plan their businesses or lead others, they have to lead themselves better. You can do this by engaging in learning through books, seminars, shows or training programs. Other than this you also expand your learning by trying to outperform yourself and set new levels of standards for your achievements, which is a sign of great leadership ability.

Most successful leaders around the world know that new challenges equal to growth and increased growth will only lead to betterment. With a desire to persistently improve yourself and learn new skills, you can make the unimaginable possible.

Lastly, great leaders will learn from the experiences of others. Thanks to their curiosity, questioning, and also imagination, great leaders would notice who a valuable person is, and then they are able to find the much-needed inspiration (by interacting with them.) Being the smart person that you are, you too can shorten your learning curve by connecting with others who have more experience than you.

The bottom line is that your willingness to learn will propel you towards envisioning a future that no one else before you could imagine. That’s how leaders turn into pioneers. You can paint the picture of a glorious future by using all the knowledge learned. You’ll be in a better position to predict trends and draw useful projections.

Influential leaders ‘test’ themselves so much that they know with certainty what the outcome of their efforts will look like. And that’s where the magic happens. Once you realize that life is a series of opportunities for learning you can also become a leader of great strength.