Want to become a data scientist?


Data Science has been creating a buzzword for a while now with more people aiming to look ahead for the alluring career opportunities it comes with. In addition to this, if you are looking for a change in career to data science or you wish to build a career in it and you are extremely passionate about it then this article will guide you some great course just for amateurs.

We present you top courses in the field of data science that you should think forward to upcoming years as these data science courses have been picked based on their popularity and exhaustiveness in covering data science syllabus.

1.      Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science

Microsoft has designed this course in collaboration with leading universities and employers which will develop the analytical and programming skills to help you take advantage of the 1.5 million data jobs available in the present times.

What is Included in the course?

The course teaches to create data models and visualize data using Excel or Power BI by applying statistical methods to data. It also teaches to create and validate machine learning models with Azure machine learning, write codes in R or Python, apply data science techniques and implement a machine learning solution.

  • Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of logic, sets, and statistics
  • Total Courses: 10 courses + Final Project
  • Required Hours: 16-32 hours/course

Course Fee: $99 per course / $1,089 for Entire Program

2. HarvardX Data Science

HarvardX data science online course helps you learn the fundamental R programming skills and statistical concepts such as Probability, Inference, and Modeling & how to apply them in general practices.

What is Included in the course?

The course makes you familiar with the essential tools like Unix/Linux, Github or RStudio by gaining experience with tidyverse, ggplot2, and dplyr. It also teaches to implement machine learning algorithms and provides in-depth knowledge of fundamental data science concepts through some real-world case studies.

  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of algorithms, data structures, and databases
  • Total Courses: 12 courses
  • Required Hours: 102-184 hours ( 2-4 months)
  • Course Fee: $442 for Entire Program


MIT xPRO opportunities via online and blended learning courses & programs for individuals, teams, and companies across the globe. The course helps you to master the foundations of data science, statistics and machine learning which teaches you to analyze big data and make data-driven predictions through probabilistic modeling and statistical inference.

What is Included in the course?

The course helps to develop and build machine algorithms to extract some meaningful information from unstructured data by using unsupervised learning methods and supervised methods such as deep neural networks.

  • Prerequisites: Basic linear algebra and Calculus
  • Total Courses: 7 courses
  • Required Hours: 620-860 hours ( 1 year)
  • Course Fee: $1350 for Entire Program

Summing up!

We are sure there are few courses which may have missed, so if there’s a crucial resource you think will be helpful to any data science folks, feel free to share it in the comments section!

Author Bio: Stephanie Donahole is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia, a custom software development company in Sydney and Melbourne