Writing an opinion essay: How to achieve success?


This kind of composition is one of the most difficult to write, but it’s very important to know how to do it correctly. Read this article and learn!

Writing an Opinion Essay: How to Achieve Success?

It’s very important for everyone to be able to express his or her thoughts clearly. It’s not difficult during the conversation with friends, when you can repeat something a few times. But when you need to write a composition and describe your own opinion, it’s hard to find the right words.

Writing an opinion essays is the part of each student’s life, as this kind of composition is written the most often. Topics of an opinion essay can be different: from reflections about the role of mother in our life to description of your understanding of philosophical expressions. In all the cases, you need to express your own thoughts about the issue. Sometimes you have an easy topic and you can write a composition quickly. But there are cases, when you don’t understand the issue or you just don’t care about it – it doesn’t matter, you still have to write an essay. But that’s the point – you need to describe your opinion regardless of what it is.The question is: how to express thoughts clearly and correctly?

General Information About an Opinion Essay

This kind of essays is based on completely subjective statements because it is your own opinion. You can agree or disagree with the expression, but you need to explain why. Those explanations should not be copied from the Internet. Of course, you can use quotes of someone else, but they can be used only for the confirmation of your opinion. It is necessary to give examples from books or movies, from the history, from your own or your relatives’ experience, etc. The most important thing is to express and prove your opinion. If you feel that your head is empty and cannot produce any opinions with regards to “Write My Essay”.

The First Steps of Writing

Before starting, you need to think about the task. Think about the meaning of the topic, which you need to write about, about your own understanding of it.Choose your side, if you need to agree or disagree. You should note down the main assertionin order not to forget anything. If you are not ready to write the essay by yourself, you can read in the Internet more information on this topic, find some quotes of famous people and select examples. Such preparation will be very helpful when you start writing. You can also initiate a conversation with someone on this topic – his or her ideas can show you the right way.

How to Begin?

As in every composition, the introduction is very important, because it disposes the reader for the further reading. If the first part does not attract attention, no one will want to read the composition till the end.

Therefore, in the introduction you need to shortly express your opinion, which you will explain in the main part. You can start from naming the topic. It is good to use a quote, which describes it or show the significance of this issue. If the reader sees that the topic of your composition is important for a wide range of people, he or she will become interested in continuation. Then you need to take your position on this question.

In the introduction, you should use some expressions, such as:

  • It is known;
  • It goes without saying;
  • I think;
  • As for me;
  • My opinion is.

The Main Part

This part of your essay is the most important. Here you need to explain your opinion and prove it with the help of examples. The main part should have a structure; your thoughts and confirmations need to have a connection. All your arguments should create a clear line of reflections, which will lead to the logical conclusions. It is important to keep the ideas in a logical order – the reader can get confused in your thoughts and lose the understanding of the topic, if you ignore the structure.

The Structure of the Main Part

Now you want to know what the logical order is and how to create a clear line of reflections. By the rules of opinion essays, you need to follow the order:

  1. Argument;
  2. Confirmation or explanation;

You need to repeat this order with each argument. As for a clear line, you should connect those tips with the help of expression. For example: “I think, (argument), because (explanation or confirmation). We can see it in (example)”.

But this structure can’t be the perfect plan for you, as sometimes confirmation is enough and you can skip examples, example can replace confirmation or one argument requires two or more examples. Besides, you can’t just start the paragraph from the first argument. You need to describe the general information of the topic and your understanding of it. It is important to place the reader inside your thoughts – he or she should see the issue from your point of view.

Appropriate Confirmations and Examples

This is also a very important point in your essay. If the confirmation can’t prove the argument accurately or the example isn’t suitable, your essay won’t be good. How to understand that confirmations and examples are appropriate?

You can check yourself with the help of the reverse method. Firstly, you create a line argument-confirmation-example and note it. Then you turn the order out of it and try to make a line from the example to the argument. From your example, you should be able to make a confirmation, which should be possible to be turned into the argument. For example, from the number of wars for independence in the world history (your example) we see that every nation is different, has its own culture and the independence of the nation is the most important for its development (your confirmation), so the conquest of a country can destroy the nation (your argument). If the first and the second lines are the same, you chose appropriate confirmations and examples.

The Conclusions
In the last paragraph of your essay, you need to write short conclusions, to sum up all your minds. This part should have connection with the introduction –you need to mention whether you succeeded to confirm your assertion in the beginning. You should also write an argument, which is the sum of all mentioned in the main part. It is good to write a quote or a proverb – it can be the perfect last sentence of an opinion essay!

With these pieces of advice you are prepared for writing an opinion essay. However, the most important thing for you is to think creatively, be original, do not copy someone’s ideas and write your real thoughts. Do not let anything distract you and focus on the good result. Good luck!