3 Ways to prepare your home for elderly relatives


Elderly loved ones can struggle to maintain their independence during the later stages of their lives, particularly when things like mobility and vision become an issue. Sometimes, the best way to care for these people in our lives, and make sure we can enjoy as much quality time with them as possible before they’re gone, is to welcome them into our own homes. If you have a spare room in your home, you might decide it’s a good idea to bring your elderly loved ones to stay with you. Making a few changes to your home now can be a great way to minimize your risk of accidents, while also improving the value of your home long-term. Here’s how you can prepare your home for an elderly loved one. 

Consider a Residential Elevator 

Stylish elevators are becoming increasingly more affordable and accessible to people from all backgrounds. These days, you can get a Stiltz home elevator to fit in essentially any home, and you might be surprised at how little they cost. An elevator means you don’t have to put yourself or the health of your loved ones at risk when helping them to move between the floors of your house. At the same time, adding this upgrade to your home can make your property more appealing to potential buyers in search of houses which will allow them to age in place. With an elevator, you and your loved ones can avoid the potential risks of stairs, and enjoy a much more convenient lifestyle. 

Make Changes to the Bathroom

Outside of the staircase, the bathroom is probably one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for an elderly relative. This is an environment where individuals are likely to be prone to slipping and falls, because of the large amount of moisture. Changing the bathroom in various ways, like adding a seat to the bathtub to help lower people in or switching your tub for a walk-in shower can help to make the environment a lot safer. You can also consider adding railings to help make it easier for your loved ones to move around independently in the bathroom without losing their balance. On top of these necessary functional changes, find ways to brighten up your living space, including the bathroom, so that your new guests feel like they are in a warm and inviting space and not a cold, emotionless room. 

Consider Smart Tools

Smart assistants and speakers aren’t just for people who love technology anymore, they can also be extremely useful if you’re preparing your home for an elderly resident. A smart speaker placed next to your elderly parent’s bed with a connection to a smart light means they can ask their assistant to turn the light on and off when they’re getting into and out of bed. This means your loved one doesn’t have to stumble around in the dark. Smart tools can also be excellent for controlling temperatures, and even reminding your loved ones to take medications or go to appointments through the day when you might not be available. A smart assistant can act as an extra source of critical help when you’re caring for an elderly person who might need a little help remembering things.