6 steps to writing great essays


If Essay writing seems like a daunting task, then learning how to break the process into simple steps will give you the confidence you require to come up with interesting, high-quality essays. This article presents ideas to come up with excellent pieces.

Some steps to writing great essays are:

Topic selection:

In case the topic you are writing on has various aspects, then you need to it narrow down to one specific area. However, make sure you explain your introduction. By doing this, you make it a better reading than trying to cover everything.

Careful topic selection will also intensify the quality of your work. If you get to pick any topic on own, then it’s wise to select a topic that interests you. By doing this, research is made simpler.


Make sure you spend ample time gathering information on your chosen topic. Also, read relevant materials and make notes so that you don’t forget anything you learned. More so, note down where you gather your information and ideas from, for instance; book, author name and article title.

Main arguments:

After researching on your subject, summarize the main arguments as well as ideas you have to read. However, don’t copy other people’s words, pick on essential points and write them in your own words. This is crucial so that you don’t end up plagiarizing another author’s work.

Also, use bullets to prepare the essay structure by use of a few words to describe each main point. However, play around with the structure until it appears intriguing by starting with the fundamental ideas first.

Later, paste your research summaries under each heading; you can opt to delete the research summaries then.

Essay body:

The essay body is where you explain your thoughts in detail concerning the chosen topic as well as fill out the summaries you wrote earlier. Under every main point, introduce evidence to support your theories as well as arguments or any other points you wish to add. Make sure that all these are exciting as well as informative.

Remember to end each paragraph with some conclusion or a sentence which leads to the next section.

The Introduction:

This is one of the crucial parts of Essay writing. A great way is to come up with an introduction that grabs the attention of the reader and makes them want to read more. Also, describe briefly what the essay is about as well as explain what the reader will get from reading the article. Finish the introduction with a clear explanation or the main essay idea.

The conclusion:

Start by summarizing the results as well as findings of your research, inform the reader what the main findings are and why. Ensure that you have also checked and formatted your references which should go at the end of your essay.

An excellent way to write essays is to end with an interesting or statement that sums up your findings. Lastly, remember proofread your work to ensure that there are no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.