Short Course- Certificate in AI Engineering

Enter the world of AI Engineering

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to develop systems that can understand, think, and learn just like human beings. The AI is replicating the human intelligence and can perform tasks such as playing games, planning surgery, driving a vehicle, suggesting a shopping list, etc. With the help of AI, the software or processes developed can solve real-world problems, such as health care, travel, marketing, traffic, etc., with greater accuracy and speed.

All 22 units comprise instruction via text, reference material, video and a test on completion of each unit.

In this World University online course you will need to complete the following units and exercises.

Overview pf Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Career opportunities in AI Engineering

Introduction to Machine Learning

Supervised Learning Algorithims

UnSupervised Learning Algorithims

Reinforcement Learning

Regression in AI

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Data Processing and Feature Engineering

Model Development and Evaluation

Model Deployment and Monitoring

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Generative Adversarial Networks

The magic of Decision Trees

Keras unveiled

Mastering Date Science- SciPy and Scikit learn

Ai and Robotics – the future of Engineering

Ethical considerations in AI Engineering

Resume Building for AI Engineering

Jobs search Stratagies in AI Engineering

Interview Preparation and tips

Final tests and Graduation

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