All you need to know about hiding your real IP address by using private IP service


This year has brought many changes around the security of paid survey sites. Those of us who managed to make a profit have been “stranded” without knowing how to continue and the new ones without knowing what to do. That’s why we have to evolve and learn everything related to the proxy with private IP.

In fact, it is the question that most have made me arrive in recent months. What private IP service to use? How can I get one? How does this type of tool work? There is nothing to worry about, and I promise that when you finish reading this post, you will have everything clear, and you can decide whether to continue or pass up the opportunity.

What is a private IP in a few words?

I will explain it with an example. Call a network provider to come and install the Internet connection at home. They come, connect the cables and configure your router/modem. Once finished you start to log on to the Internet and start browsing normally. As a result, you get a private IP.

Private proxies provide the IP address of an Internet service provider (ISP) that is directly connected to a home.

This offers a great advantage to access sites with a high-security filter because when they try to review our IP what is reflected is a real connection coming from a home connected to an ISP and not a data center proxy server.

Users of private IP addresses are considered as people who surf casually through the Internet, with a genuine IP address. In addition, private proxies have a lower chance of being blacklisted.

Why use a private IP service?

The main drawback of most VPNs or proxies is that they use data center servers. They are dedicated servers that are not linked to a home or business owner located in a private area.

An IP address based on a data center is not directly assigned by any ISP and has not been provided with an Internet connection either. In general, the IP address is rented by hosting or VPS providers, DNS system, or other application services in the cloud.

The proxies with private IP allow you to hide your IP address with the IP of another owner, mask it, and make it look completely genuine.

The private rotating proxies are fantastic if you are an expert user and need hundreds of proxies or if you are a beginner and do not want to spend too much money.

It is not new that the best paid survey sites have a high level of security, and it is logical because they are only looking after their business. For your security software, it is very easy to tell if someone is using a VPN or proxy datacenter.

Benefits of a private IP service

There are many different benefits to using a private proxy service. Here are some benefits you should keep in mind.

Private proxies give the ease of hiding your real IP address

This is pretty obvious, but it’s still an advantage. A private proxy works similarly that a data center proxy does: it make you able to remain anonymous when you use the Internet. You can forge your actual IP address with another geo localized server and this also allows you to get access to blocked sites as well as content that are geographically restricted.

 Your connection passes the IP security filters

This is the reason why private proxy servers are very handy to access survey sites. They look a lot more genuine than data center proxies since they are labeled in a certain ISP and home.

It will be visible to the survey site that the surfer’s connection is coming from an actual person and will allow you to access the site. However, private proxies can be prohibited anytime if their activities are suspicious. And for this reason the IP constantly rotates in every few moments to avoid the failure of the proxies.

VPN / proxy Datacenter or private IP for surveys?

Private IP addresses are like the IP address of our house; it looks more natural, so they are less likely to be banned. If you have the possibility of acquiring one, do not think too much, since the cost/benefit will be positive at the end of the month.

For people who are just starting out, it’s hard to get hold of these tools, so Premium VPNs are still a good solution for restricted medium /low-security sites.

Those who will serve you to earn money with surveys are VPNs that offer dedicated IP (fixed that only you use).


Although you now know the different types of proxies, you may still be a bit confused about the services you should use. Most users are happy with datacenter proxies / VPNs. These are simple to use, affordable, and do a good job. Also, they tend to be faster than residential IP proxies.

Just make sure you choose proxies or data center VPN from a trusted provider to ensure you will not get blacklisted or reused IPs. Therefore you should choose those that offer dedicated IPs, such as those recommended above.