Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness


You\’ll discover how unresolved psycho/emotional issues can affect your physical health, how feelings and thoughts are linked to specific body parts, and steps you can take to heal your body with your mind and to heal your mind with your body.

If you have ever wondered how emotions affect the body, then \”Your Body Speaks Your Mind\” is an excellent place to start. Not only will you be able to understand your symptoms, you will also know how to eradicate them. This book contains many answers, especially to the following questions:

How do neuropeptides carry information from the mind to the body?
Do all diseases have their origin in the mind?
How do unresolved emotions affect your health?
Why are certain feelings linked to specific body parts?
What are the specific steps you can take to heal the body with your mind?

Deb Shapiro makes an interesting connection between love and health. She also shows how creative visualization and writing in a journal can help to take away symptoms of illness. By giving up negative emotions you can literally heal the body from the inside out. This book then becomes most useful as you make the connections and start the healing process.