Career opportunities in JavaScript


Software developers have a lot of options when it comes to coding languages available in the field. Coding languages such as JavaScript and Python are one of the most used programming languages today. JavaScript was originally created as an open-source programming language in the 1990s. This is partly why JavaScript is still widely used today.

However, you shouldn’t confuse it with Java. JavaScript’s primary focus is webpages, while Java focuses on executable software such as games, programs, etc.

JavaScript is important for web development, and if you’re thinking about that career path, you will need to start learning JavaScript right away. It is a fun and rewarding language, and it is especially important if you are just getting started in software development.
Since JavaScript specialists are highly sought after, many are interested in exploring various career options including front-end developer, web designer, UX designer, and more.

Front-End Developer
Every website is created by a front-end developer. Front-end developers are responsible for all visual elements on a website that visitors can interact with. Besides creating the user interface, they are also responsible for the site’s application. These developers usually use JavasScript or HTML and CSS to create and design websites.

However, coding is a highly lucrative career, and it also comes with many responsibilities such as website design, maintenance and site improvements, and smartphone web optimization.

Full-Stack Developer
Full-stack developers combine their front and back-end mastery to become a jack of all trades when it comes to coding. They are responsible for the website’s functionality, speed, and clients’ input registration. Furthermore, they can even take care of the website’s security and data storage.

While JavaScript is a front-end development language, learning Node.js will break that barrier down and allow you to tackle both ends of development.

Some of the many responsibilities of a full-stack developer include:
• The web application’s architecture;
• Collaborating with engineers to create and implement new features;
• Have expertise in both desktop and mobile development;
• Security and data protection;
• Mastery of Ruby, PHP, Python, and Node.js;
• Working with graphic designers, and transforming those graphic designs into visual elements.

Web Application Developer
Developers of web applications are responsible for creating all software related to websites, including shopping carts, forms, and even photo editors. These web-software apps are built on JavaScript, which provides users with a better user interface and experience when using websites.

A skilled application developer must have a good understanding of user interfaces, scripting, and experience in web design. These qualities are desirable if you want to be a web developer. Web developers make an average annual salary of $109,624, according to Glassdoor.

Web Designer
Ever dreamed of designing and creating something entirely from scratch? If you’re looking to take complete control of the web design process, then becoming a web designer is the right choice. This career path requires JavaScript but you will also need experience in HTML and CSS.
Web designers have to interact with clients directly, as they must ensure that everything runs smoothly and take into account their feedback. Other responsibilities of a web designer include creating the navigation on the site, testing and identifying bugs and poor optimization issues, and regular updates and maintenance of the site.

JavaScript Developer
JavaScript developers combine design with programming to create beautiful websites for their clients. They work closely with both front-end and back-end developers to create accessible client-site logic. Keep in mind that you will need to be an expert JavaScript developer and have experience with JavaScript’s quirks as well as familiarity with the front-end tools.
You should also be familiar with cross-browser compatibility, and any potential problems that may arise. Below are some of the responsibilities of JavaScript developers:

• Create reusable libraries and codes;
• Optimize the speed and scalability of your applications;
• Create new user-facing features.

JavaScript developers earn an average of $113,286 annually as their base salary.

UX Designer
UX designers play a key role in usability, function branding, marketing, and other aspects of the design process. These designers are responsible for analyzing how users utilize the site and which designs they prefer. Becoming a UX designer is very easy if you master JavaScript.
UX designers’ responsibilities include user research, wireframing, testing by users, and designing prototypes to meet the customer’s needs.

A UX designer earns an average of $95,062 annually.

JavaScript is a popular programming language used to build interactive and dynamic web pages. It is such an easy tool to learn and implement on various platforms. The demand for JavaScript developers is growing every day, so newcomers to the IT world won’t have a hard time finding lucrative career opportunities.