Christian students fight back…and win


Six months ago I covered how the University of Iowa was targeting a Christian youth group, tossing them off campus because of their anti-homosexuality stance regarding their own club officers—note carefully, the group was merely asking that its own officers adhere to Christian beliefs.

The Christian group decided to fight the university’s bullying, taking their case to the courts. How’d that work out for them?

Days after hearing, court rules that the university engaged in blatant religious discrimination

Blatant discrimination, no less. I really feel the need to point out that the university was only too eager to spend a vast sum of tax dollars defending their blatant religious discrimination in court…a court paid for by tax dollars.

While the previous note highlights the dementedness of our system, I focus on higher ed. How many times now has it been that the lunatics running our universities are perfectly confident they’re in the right, only to lose utterly once they make contact with our (admittedly corrupted) judicial system? Honest, this isn’t nearly as much praise for our judicial system as it is a highlight of just how far astray higher education has wandered from anything resembling a true path.

To be fair, the university wasn’t just targeting Christian groups in the name of Progressive ideology:

When BLinC informed the university that it could not change its faith or stop asking its leaders to share its faith, it was kicked off campus. The university then deregistered 10 other religious groups, including Chinese Student Christian Fellowship, the Imam Mahdi Muslim organization, the Latter-day Saint Student Association, and the Sikh Awareness Club, for the same reason.

–BLinC, Business Leaders in Christ, is the Christan group fighting back.

Progressivism really is just a religion, so I respect that it must target other religions for annihilation. The problem is, a university is supposed to be about knowledge, not religious purity.

While the University of Iowa will cease their crusade, for the time being, the gentle reader should be aware it’s not the only institution so deranged as to try such persecution:

Another Christian student group, Ratio Christi at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, is having similar issues dealing with its school administrators. The group, which allows any student to become a member as long as they are in agreement with its mission, but requires all leaders to be of the Christian faith, was not allowed to register as a student organization, which would give the group access to funds, help from university administrators, and space to host events on campus.

Please understand a university policy, particularly a policy affecting large numbers of students, doesn’t just get installed overnight. It has to go through a committee, if not three such committees, before finally receiving approval from someone well up in the administrative caste.

Perhaps U of Iowa was a fluke (a weird fluke, for Iowa), but it’s also happening in Colorado as the quote above shows, and, to a lesser extent, you can see this weird discrimination occurring on many other campuses. That’s the big takeaway here: this bizarre attempt to smite Christianity off campus wasn’t just an error by one deranged administrator, we have a whole bureaucratic system set up to destroy people of faith, a system where this policy was reviewed by perhaps a dozen administrators, none of whom knows enough about this country or its people to say “hey, this is morally wrong and blatantly illegal.”

Granted lack of morality or knowledge of our country’s basic legal premises is pretty much a given in a college administrator, as any reader of my blog would know, but there’s a message here: the Christians are fighting back, and winning.

It’s a good message, and I hope they win so much we all get tired of them winning…though that point is a long way away.