Divorce, Donald Trump, and millenials: Weighing the factors


There are so many questions that have ranked top in Google in the past. Questions like how does mediation work in divorce, and how do I divorce my husband has long been the trending
topic. Recent statistics show that there around fifty percent of marriages that end up in divorce.
With the current administration affecting so many aspects of American lives, what is the effect of
Donald Trump on Divorce? An analysis of the statistics should get presented in this article.

The Donald Trump Effect
Donald Trump's polarizing effect when it comes to politics harms couples. His views have
created a storm effect and are wreaking such a big kind of havoc on relationships from all parts
of America. The storm has even gotten its name, and it has been called “The Trump Divorce”

What Is The Trump Divorce?
The Trump Divorce is an expression that began to describe the split of Dave Aronberg, a
lawyer, and Lynn Aronberg who is a fan of the President.

Aronberg even issued a press release where she stated that she felt isolated in her marriage.
Twitter went on a rampage and noticed how the lady has pictures of herself with the President
and the First lady. People suggested that she should even get married to another Trump

The couple is not the only one who had the problem. Data shows that President Trump and his
views act as a significant catalyst for divorce.

Another example of Trump’s negative effect is Daniel Morales. Morales is 46 years old, and he
is Costa Rican. He is an immigrant living in New York with his family. Daniel said that his
problems begun when the President was elected. It even got highlighted when the President
released his new guidelines and executive orders on how he planned to make America great

The following are some of the causes of Trump Divorce:
● The difference in political views – one partner supporting the President while another is
against his beliefs.
● Direct connections with the Trump administration is another common cause of the
Trump Divorce – the current problem also gets seen among couples where one of them
is working for the administration. While they may share the same view, there is a
polarizing feature that the pair have to work on when one of them is serving the

The Data Never Lies
A recent study in Wakefield supports the claim, and it has found out the following information:
● That 29% of Americans who are either married or in a relationship acknowledged the
adverse effects of the current political climate;
● That arguments begin at every turn whenever the President opens his mouth; and
● That there are 22% of couples, who experienced a more toxic relationship since the
President was elected.
The study is entitled the “Trump Effect on American Relationships” and it is getting a lot of fun
and traction in the community.

The Positive Effects of Millenials on Divorce
The good thing is that there are some positive numbers on divorce that it may negate the Trump
Divorce and that is all because of the millennials. New research shows that the possibility of
marriages lasting is higher than it has been in the past hundred years.

An individual would only need to look at the divorce rate back in the early 1990s. The divorce
rate began falling during those years and ever since then, and it has been on a downward trend.
By the year 1992, there were around five divorces for every thousand couples in the US while
by 2016, the rate has dropped to about 3 divorces and that is an impressive number.

A recent analysis of sociology professor Philip Cohen stated that millennials are more often
more ready for marriage than the previous generation. While most couples get married during
the last generations, they did not care about their age and whether or not they are ready.
Millennials are now more focused on themselves first before they decide to get married.

However, the decline in the number of millennials getting married could get better attributed to
the fact that less of the millennials are getting married in the first place. Less educated, younger
couples are now more focused on living together first before they tie the knot. The reason often
stated is that these couples would first want to work on their individuality, finish their degree,
and have stable jobs before getting married.

The Trends Of The New Generation
While the Trump Divorce is a phenomenon, the current trend of the new generation cannot be
neglected. A divorce mediator now has less work because of the less number of couples who
are getting divorced, but he also has to face a more significant problem mediating couples when
political views are involved.