Financial know-how and entering the Investment workforce – Unearthing gems from the pros


Believe it or not, investing your time and money early in your financial education can have a seriously worthwhile payoff. Some of the top financial advisors insist that formal education such as certification courses, online training modules, books—heck even podcasts—should be your go-to. If you’re wondering just how valuable these resources can be, take it from Cody Garrett, CFP. He shared his two cents: Think about it this way: Instead of dropping $2,000 into a Roth IRA right now, why not spend on a course that teaches you how to negotiate your salary? You’d gain skills that can boost your income early in your career. Worth a shot, right?

Knowledge is power

In today’s world, financial content is no longer dull—financial education has burst into the entertainment scene. With an abundance of podcasts, YouTube videos, and even Facebook groups, absorbing financial knowledge has become—dare I say it—fun! A wealth of powerful resources is right at our fingertips. Long story short, the field is overflowing with engaging ways to learn about finance and investment, which is where details like the price of gold and the value of other commodities should be considered.

Making the dive into the world of investing can be a kerfuffle. So, take it easy and ask for help. Not many would think that simply asking someone could lead to a wealth of knowledge, but it can. Thomas Kopelman, a co-founder and financial planner suggests, People often shy from seeking out mentors. But you need to be proactive in finding and connecting with individuals who can guide you. The mentorship won’t fall into your lap—you have to create that opportunity.

Think about it… you want to learn from the experiences of the pros, right? So, reach out and ask them. What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? Well, Garrett sent a whopping hundred direct messages to professionals he admired in his field. Only four responded. The interesting nugget here? Those four became the most vital individuals for his career.

Some may say that, it’s a sensible move to be open to other people’s experiences and lessons learned.

If we really think about it, this process of financial learning and seeking out mentors is just as vital as the investment part itself. From honing in on your growth, to proactively seeking guidance, these steps, according to top financial advisors, really lay the foundation for a successful career in investing.