Food for Orphans



About Food for Orphans:

Although the issues contributing to poverty, hunger and orphaned children are indeed complex ones, the mission of Food for Orphans is simple and straightforward: make sure every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day. Many times, that\’s the difference between life and death.

The numbers are overwhelming:

  • There are nearly 150 million orphans worldwide
  • 44,000 new orphans every day
  • Every 90 seconds another orphan starves to death
  • 60 million orphans go to bed hungry every night

But here’s the amazing part: It only takes $15 to feed an orphan EVERY DAY for a MONTH.

The stories are heart-wrenching.

There’s the orphanage in China, packed with about 70 babies, all of them blind… the brave little girl fighting for her life after her parents tossed her out of a moving car because they didn’t want her any more… the school children who are only allowed to eat two bites from their lunch at their orphan school because they have to take the rest back to the foster village to share with the other children.

The cost of feeding an orphan varies from country to country, but on average it’s about $15 a month.  A $150 donation will feed ten orphans for an entire month; $600 will feed 40 orphans (an entire average-size orphanage) for a month.

Food for Orphans is a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by the IRS.

You can rest assured that food gets into the mouths of hungry children. We’ve all heard stories about unscrupulous officials intercepting monies intended for charitable purposes. Food for Orphans is very active and involved in the orphanages it supports and keeps close tabs on its donations.

Well-trained and experienced staff at Food for Orphans visit orphanages, evaluate projects, measure the needs of orphans and projects, and train the orphan caregivers on diet and nutrition.
Be confident that Food for Orpahns is providing food for children who truly need help, mostly in orphanages in the poorest third-world countries; currently in Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

We only support reputable orphanages who are trying their best to tend to the needs of the children in their care, yet struggle to provide food for them. We require financial accountability, monthly reports, updates on the condition of the orphans, and unlimited access to the project.

In most cases, food is purchased in the village where the orphanage is located which helps bolster the local economy.  Sometimes we ship large containers of dehydrated meals.

Did you ever imagine that so little could do so much? The cost of one cheap entrée in a restaurant here will feed a hungry child for a MONTH in a third-world country.

Our commitment:

  • To find and feed orphans that truly need help.
  • Make sure that all donations are wisely and properly used.
  • Carefully distribute every donation in accordance to the greatest need.
  • Confirm that each orphan is cared for and loved.

The level of poverty in some of these third-world countries is unimaginable to most of us. Orphan children, already with so many odds stacked against them, are the poorest of the poor, certainly “the least among us.”

For them, we may be their only safety net. For them, a $15 donation may be the difference between life and death.

Food for Orphans provided 600,000 meals to hungry orphans last year. Our goal is one million in 2011.