Harvard rejects Parkland survivor for being pro-gun, gives bogus reason


The admissions scandal highlights how getting into Ivy League schools can be a little, well, quirky. Granted, having the right connections has always helped, and certainly it helps to have the right political views (hi Mr. Hogg, still waiting to hear why you’re getting into Harvard even with those low SAT scores no Asian could hope to gain acceptance with). Of course, if getting accepted is capricious, it follows that rejection will likewise be for questionable reasons:

Harvard Rejects Parkland Survivor Admission for Teenage Racist Comments

This whole “tunnel into your past to find evidence” procedure is madness. Let’s overlook the inherent hypocrisy of how this procedure is applied (but for funsies, you can read about Hillary’s approval of a KKK Grand Wizard), but consider instead how permanently damning any evidence found against the “deplorable” is.

No redemption is possible, apparently. Our legal system more than allows for a juvenile to get a reduced penalty for a crime as opposed to an adult, but the Progressive madness rates all “crimes” equally, permanently damning someone for nonviolent behavior in a child.

So, this kid applies to Harvard, and being a survivor of yet another strange school shooting, figures he might have a chance.

Kyle Kashuv, 18, admitted on Twitter that Harvard rescinded his admission because of “texts and comments” he made when he was 16.

So he said something stupid when he was 16. Does anyone honestly believe nobody at Harvard has ever said a naughty thing as a teenager? If they really are going to use this standard, then they would honestly have to reject everyone who applied. Why do I suspect more hypocrisy here?

He had previously become popular among conservatives for his opposition to the anti-gun measures supported by his fellow survivors.

Yeah…I suspect the above is the true reason this deplorable is not allowed on Harvard’s campus.

Kashuv is himself Jewish and said that though he made anti-Semitic and racist comments, he did not mean any harm by them.

Poor kid, he actually believed the edu – fascists running Harvard when they told him why his kind wasn’t welcome there. Now, if Harvard were still an educational institution, it wouldn’t even have considered some old comments made by a kid. Instead, academics would have been a factor.

But now, holding the right political views is what gets you into the Ivy League. As our schools browbeat themselves about how they’ll no longer accept bribes in exchange for admission, the gentle reader need realize their ideology is paramount: I’ve yet to see a school promise not to exclude political views from campus, even when those views are held by half of the country.

“I’m embarrassed by it, but I want to be clear that the comments I made are not indicative of who I am or who I’ve become in the years since.”

Give it up, kid, don’t waste more time apologizing, you may as well apologize for filling your diapers nigh 20 years ago for all real adults care about what you said. I assure you, the racists and sexists at Harvard honestly don’t care about racist and sexist things you said. On the other hand, it’s your conservative views which will keep you off campus. Try disavowing those, and I bet your chances will improve greatly.

If Harvard honesty believed its decision is reasonable, that one sin in the past damns a person forever, beyond redemption, then Harvard would shut itself down. Harvard was established in 1636; in its very long past, it is certainty Harvard had many faculty and students who owned slaves and held racist views. I won’t be holding my breath for Harvard to show they have the courage of their convictions, by destroying itself for those past crimes.

Harvard’s ill decision only reflects poorly on Harvard, but there’s a wider issue here, since Harvard hasn’t received widespread condemnation. If now it is going to be considered socially acceptable to shut someone out of society forever for things said as a child, who among us will be safe from the un – personings to come?