How to cultivate CFO positive intelligence in your daily routine


As much as it is important to keep your body fit, mental fitness is equally important. 

What if we told you that a 3 min practice, 5 times a day, could change your life. Would you do it? 

Mental fitness is a concept that is gaining a lot of popularity. When you are mentally fit, you would have less stress, and more satisfaction, which would lead to a better life. You will be able to respond to the negativities of your life with a positive mind frame. A CFO coach can help you achieve this by applying positive intelligence techniques in a quick and effective way.

What is Positivity Quotient (PQ)?

The PQ can be defined as the synthesis of recent breakthroughs in several branches of science, like neuroscience, technology, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and performance science. The study was conducted on around 500000 participants across 50 countries who validated the test. Put succinctly, PQ can be defined as the strength of your positive mental muscles versus the negative ones.

The negative muscles known as saboteurs respond to a situation in a negative way. It involves negative emotions like worry, stress, disappointment, anger, guilt, regret, and self-doubt. On the other hand, the positive muscles of your brain, known as sage, react to the same situation with a positive mind-frame that includes emotions like calmness, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, clear-headedness, and self-confidence.

Cultivating PQ in your daily routine

Cultivating positive intelligence in your daily routine needs practice, patience, and willingness. You cannot do it in one day. Programs on platforms like Next New Growth, designed by experienced coaches, can guide you to recognize stress factors and help you cope with them in a positive way. It will rationalize your mind, and bring back the calmness which would influence the positive emotions. These programs are designed in such a way that positive responses would get automatically triggered in your mind and you would look at the same stressful situation in a different way. These programs can help you understand cognitive-behavioral psychology techniques that would help you avoid negative mind patterns and replace them with positive life choices.

Apart from this, those programs might also encourage you to learn from your failures. When you are harshly punishing yourself for a mistake, it is you who have to bear the consequences. Self-love should always top your priorities and thus, there are better ways to treat yourself and learn from the mistakes that you might have committed in the past. Turn your negative experiences into a lesson, and frame your mind around it so that you do not commit the same mistakes again. Involve the sage muscles for a better life approach, and always be mentally strong.

Final words

No matter which program you select, it is you who have to believe in it and practice its tenets daily. Remember that establishing a new habit takes time and some effort, so you should trust the group, your coach, and follow the instructions to get a positive outlook on your life.