How to summarize a research paper: Traditional methods and AI tools


Learning to summarize research papers profoundly is crucial for researchers or professionals out there. In doing so, in the right way, readers could get a quick preview of the main points without covering the whole paper. Previously, research paper summarization was conducted through manual techniques, but this work has been made simpler with the onset of AI technology. This article provides vast knowledge regarding traditional ways of summarizing research papers and AI tools And the mistakes you must avoid while preparing that research paper summary.

Traditional ways of summarizing research papers

  • Going through the article

In traditional practice, going over the entire research paper and reading it thoroughly would be helpful for you to summarize it. Doing so would help you learn the context behind this research paper.

  • Identification of key points

When summarize a research paper, you will find plenty of information. However, identifying the key points is essential in that vast degree of knowledge because the reader would look for that information that is essential to them instead of other trivial things mentioned in the research paper.

  • Making a summary

Summarizing all the key points you have formulated and the information gathered would be helpful. Ensure no jargon is involved in your summarization; the reader wants a crisp reading experience.

How to use WondersharePDFelement’s summarize tool to summarize research papers

The summarizing tool of WondersharePDFelement is the most renowned option among all the other summarization tools available for summarizing research papers. It is a hugely popular AI tool that can be used by students and professors alike to summarize research papers efficiently. The user-friendly interface and free-to-use features have only proliferated the growth of WondersharePDFelement’s summarization tool. If you need to become more familiar with the steps that must be followed for using this tool. We have elaborated and described those steps exclusively for you to understand.

  • Step 1

To start to summarize a research paper, you need to open the PDFelement and access the Lumi PDF AI robot button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • Step 2

On accessing the Lumi PDF, you need to select the summarize option from the pop-up menu and import your current file into it. On the other hand, you can also go for the content tab option and click it to let Lumi do the summarization for you.

  • Step 3

Once you successfully import your file for summarization, clicking on the analysis button will begin the process.

  • Step 4

You can check out the result provided under the response box, copy and paste it into your file, and edit it to summarize a research paper.

Mistakes to avoid while writing your research paper summary

  • Inclusion of irrelevant information

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid while writing your research paper summary is not including any unnecessary information. Whenever a reader has chosen to read or go through the summarization of a research paper. They are looking for those points that are relevant to them instead of reading jargon included in the summary of a research paper.

  • Failure to point out key points

Including the main key points in your summary of a research paper is crucial and holds immense value to the reader. In many instances, the reader of that summary only opts to read the key points instead of other details mentioned in the research paper.

  • Reincluding information or repeating words

Choosing to mince information among relevant factors might help you complete the summarization of a research paper. But it wouldn’t be helpful when a reader would see one piece of information being included in a repeated pattern. Therefore, choosing to have various words differently will be more helpful in summarizing the research paper.

  • Missing the tone

The tone you were looking to use through summarizing your chosen research paper might help you showcase the idea to other people. However, on missing that tone, the work conducted to summarize a research paper would have been less fruitful than you would have thought previously.

  • Not revealing your source

Remember to remember that you are only summarizing the research paper written by someone else. Hence, providing the source alongside your summarization of that research paper holds a massive value. It would help the reader navigate directly towards the source or author for other information.


Carrying out a summarization of someone else research paper is a challenging task by any means. Most people either do this work for convenience or to satisfy readers not interested in going through thousands of pages written over a research paper. A research paper is of immense value to an author who has provided his knowledge on a specific topic in an elaborate fashion. Therefore, when choosing to summarize that page, you must be careful about many things. Making your research paper summary crisp with only crucial information would allow it to stand out against other variations.