Hurricane preparedness: Tips to prepare your home and family


If you live in a region that experiences tropical storms, you can never be too prepared for
hurricane season. Review the following resources for some essential tips on protecting your
home, yard, and vehicles from hurricane-related damages — while keeping your loved ones and
pets safe from the storm.

Hurricane-Proof Your Home, Yard, and Automobiles

The steps you take to protect your home, yard, and loved ones from strong winds, storm surges,
and flooding should start well before hurricane season rolls in. These resources will help to
prepare you for hurricane season and protect your home and loved ones during a tropical storm

● Start prepping your home before hurricane season begins.
Install hurricane shutters to protect your home and windows from flying debris and
strong winds.
● During a hurricane warning, follow HomeAdvisor’s safety tips to protect your home and
loved ones once the storm rolls in.
● If you’re staying home during the storm, park your vehicles in a covered garage, but if
you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, move your vehicles onto higher ground if

Prepare Your Family for Hurricane Emergencies

To keep your family safe during and after a tropical storm, hurricane preparedness is key.
These tips will help to prepare your household for hurricane season and protect you and your
loved ones once a storm officially hits.
● Prepare your kids for hurricane season by having them complete the CDC’s interactive
activity book.
● Make sure you understand the difference between a hurricane watch and warning.
Assemble an emergency kit for your animal companions and store it along with your own
disaster supplies.
● If you need to evacuate during a hurricane, bring your pets along with you. Never leave
them at home alone during a tropical storm.

Additional Resources

In the aftermath of a hurricane, these resources will help you to stay safe as you assess
damages, file an insurance claim, and start cleaning up your home and yard.
Safety Tips for After the Storm
How to Make an Insurance Claim After a Hurricane
DIY Home Projects to Work on After a Natural Disaster
Managing Traumatic Stress After a Hurricane Hits
Before hurricane season begins in your region, it’s important to prepare your home and yard,
assemble an emergency supply kit, and create an evacuation plan for you and your household
to follow. Hurricane preparedness is key to staying safe during and after a tropical storm, and
minimizing costly damages to your home and personal property.