Best of 2012: In a Google world, prepare to be investigated



How likely is it that your resume, job application and credentials will be reviewed for inaccuracies? Nearly 100 percent, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Almost all human resources professionals reported to SHRM that their organizations conduct some form of background check on every employee. For some candidates, it doesn\’t take much more than a Google search to pull up information, both good and bad.

Besides seeing things like what you have published, an online search can also reveal unflattering or downright negative things someone may have said about you. Beyond that, most recruiters check references at every company you list to verify your duties, tenure, salary, and in some cases even your W2. Their findings include the most damning documentation, including police reports, articles about misconduct and more. All that information is shared with the recruiters\’ client: the hiring manager.

If you have been interviewed and a falsification is uncovered, chances are that\’s the end of the road for that job and possibly future opportunities as well. It will be disheartening to you in your job search and cost you potentially useful contacts, so think long and hard if you feel tempted to lie.