Indian Government encouraging students to seek careers in online gaming


In 2018, a huge phenomenon was taking India by storm and this was PUBG mobile. For those of you who are not into your eSports, PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer online battle game that was created by PUBG corporation and released on the Indian gaming market by Tencent games. It became a highly popular game in India, with 175 million downloads accounting for 24% of the world’s users. However, political tension arose in 2020 between India and China, so the Indian government decided to ban PUBG Mobile alongside many other Chinese apps. Whether this move was the correct one or not can be debated until the cows come home, but the Indian government definitely learnt a lesson from it – it is time to start investing more in local game development talent. As a result, they are now starting to give more support to their own talented game developers, so the next big online game could easily come from India.

Turn Your Passion into a Career

What if someone came up to you and told you that you could take your passion of playing online games and turn it into a great career option? We bet that you would be really interested to find out more. When it comes to the entertainment industry, gaming is now one of its biggest sectors. The reason for this growth is that more and more people now have access to the Internet and to mobile devices. According to an Economic Times news report, the Union Education Ministry is working really hard to support those students studying online gaming so that there are plenty of employment opportunities available for them. The ministry is also soon going to be organizing a national online gaming hackathon so that Indian students can have the chance to showcase their talents.

Ramest Pokhriyal Nishank, the Union Education Minister, declared that this hackathon will be for students studying game technology and design at higher education institutions. He also discussed the possibilities of employment in the online gaming sector, which is in line with Narendra Modi’s, the Indian Prime Minister, idea to try and make the country self-reliant and the gambling industry has a big potential that students can make use of.

The State of the Indian Game Industry

The Indian gaming industry, it is fair to say, is growing at a very steady pace. There are a number of Indian game developers, but the majority are small and concentrate on smaller projects for mobile and social platforms such as Facebook, iPhones, Android, and iPads. The website is a review site that keeps track of the different mobile slot games that are developed by Indian-based software developers such as Creatiosoft and GSN Games. There are only a couple of gaming companies that create 3D games for PC and PlayStation, which includes the likes of Spiel Studios.

The majority of studios basically make use of the Indian IT industry model of making use of outsourced projects to maintain their business. Also, the world’s gaming industry is currently going through a huge change. Mobile gaming is something that is becoming more and more popular as smartphones decrease in price and become more powerful. Furthermore, more people are being connected to 3G. Nowadays, India, alongside China, are the next main targets that have to be cracked and primed for the gaming market. With over 2 billion people in these countries, it is no wonder why software developers are concentrating on them.

Educational Opportunities in Gaming

The National Education Policy for gaming has been recently revised, and there have been plenty of changes when it comes to teaching it. Additionally, there have been many new books written to aid in its teaching. Those who decide to study it will get to learn practical skills and get the opportunity to be an intern with some big gaming companies. The teachers will have to adapt to a new style of teaching, but it will be better for everyone in the long run. For India’s millennial generation, game development and designing has become the number one career choice. More students are becoming aware of the plethora of opportunities that are available within the gaming industry. With this growing interest in development and design, the number of different courses to learn all about this field is also on the increase.

Below we have provided you with a list of the different career options that are available in the gaming industry:

  • Game designers
  • Game Developer
  • Game Artists
  • Network Programmers
  • Game Programmers
  • Game/Script Writers
  • Sound/Audio Engineers
  • Game Management
  • Game Testers

So, what are some of the best colleges in India to learn all about game designing? Well, once again, we have provided you with a recommended list:

  • IIFA Multimedia, Bangalore
  • ICAT Design and Media College, Bangalore
  • IIFA Lancaster Degree College, Bangalore
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore
  • Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, Pune
  • Picasso Animation College, Jaipur
  • Graphiti School of Animation, Mumbai
  • Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology, Hyderabad
  • MAAC, Kolkata