Perks of online spell checking


Proofreading is probably one of the most important parts of writing. As a lot of professional writers often say, “writing is rewriting.” It then follows that how effective you are with proofreading greatly effects how proficient you are as a writer.

However, proofreading your own work can sometimes be tedious when done unaided, especially when it comes to longer works spanning several pages. You find yourself having to read something that you have just written, meaning you already know what is coming up, but you have to read it anyway. There is also the fact that you have to read much slower, as speedreading is not typically effective when it comes to finding spelling and grammatical errors.

When all is accounted for, an online spell check is the ideal tool for when you need to fix your writing without exerting too much effort. Proofreading online might seem like an unnecessary step, but it can actually save you a lot of time.

What an Online Spell Check Can Do

When you write something, it is often best to write freely. This means letting your thoughts take over the page. This method of writing is spoiled when you have to stop every few seconds to check on the spelling of a word.

You could opt to just write everything down, not worrying about your spelling and grammar mistakes. After all, you can fix them later. You can perform sentence correction after all your sentences have been written. However, this might prove too overwhelming when you consider just how much you will need to correct at that point. This is why an online spell check can be a big help.

All you have to do is input your text into the online software. It will then suggest corrections for you. Of course, these are merely suggestions. The final call is up to you. For instance, if the grammatical or spelling mistake was indeed not a mistake, but something placed intentionally for effect, then you will need to ignore the suggestion of the online software in the relevant sentences.

What the online spell check essentially does is save you the effort of having to read through your entire document all over again. It will mark all the possible areas that need correcting. Then, you read those and decided for yourself if they need to be corrected in the way the computer suggested. In the end, you are still the writer.