Productivity future vision video



The future of technology in education means many things to many different people. eBooks, natural user interfaces, touch screens, gaming in education and the consumerisation of IT are all themes that are voiced when the topic comes up for debate. A hot topic, for sure!

Gaming in education and the consumerisation of IT in education, in particular, are topics that we are going to cover on the blog over the coming months. BETT 2012 will definitely be an area where we will be expanding on this further. Keep an eye out for our special BETT themed series of blog posts.

While not dedicated specifically to education, our latest Productivity Future Vision video presents an exciting and inspiring glimpse into the technologies of the future. Many of which have a direct correlation with the trends that are developing around the future of technology in education.

My Christmas list would be pretty long if some of these technologies were available now. The translation glasses and transparent fridge are my personal favourites!