The relevance of an internship for college students


As college students work their way through the university, they’re moving inch and inch closer to graduation and will soon enter the workplace.

However, no matter how good a student can be in his academics and even if he excels to write my paper for me, his being great in school can’t guarantee work force preparation. That’s why an internship is being suggested amongst college students.

But it is only a reality that some students are doubtful when it comes to pursuing an internship. They have a few questions like “Is it really relevant?” and “What can be gotten from it?”

However, an article from Odyssey suggests that “whether or not pursuing an internship is required for their majors, college students should actively search for it within their career fields the moment they begin higher education.”

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field.”AboutCareers

There are loads of benefits that can be reaped from internships. Read through to know some:

Experience Acquisition

An internship provides a constructive understanding of the company and industry where a student wants to work in after graduation. Students with internships acquire more well-rounded experiences as they get to see first-hand how businesses work.

Text books can only help so far unless you use them to gain perspectives and knowledge of the workplaces. Internships can help students to interact with colleagues and management team. some students will consider graduate schools, internship can help with the focus or directions for such consideration.”June Scortino

Additionally, most of the companies arealso expecting college graduates to have some level of experience, even with some positions on entry – level. With this, students will afford the imperative experiences to be needed.

As still a student, you probably know what type of work you want to do after you graduate, however, you may not yet recognize the actuality of the roles in a day – to – basis. An internship will provide a sight of what the work life is like and if you will like it or not. Internships willdeliver real – life exposure to the work world and business without committing an entire career. You may also discover that you do not like a certain type of business and your internship may help you change directions if needed.

Resume Building

Your internship will serve as a great foundation in your desired industry and will drive you on top of other college graduates with no internship experience. It will be important to find internships that are related to your major so it can be added to your resume. Your resume should have all internship experiences on it that relate to your degree program. The more internship experiences you have, especially if you decide to intern with multiple companies throughout your college years, the more credible your background will look on your resume and when you are in front of hiring managers for an interview.

As a recruiter, I value students who’ve gotten great internship experiences over those that have not. If you can’t get an internship, study abroad or develop a new skill or take up a foreign language. All of these things make you more marketable to employers.” – William Chichester

Professional Networking

Putting up a professional network is similarly important as developing an experience. Internships will stipulate college students to connect with professionals who are involved in similar work. These connections can play an important role when looking for a job. A good way to keep your connections is through LinkedIn.

“If you choose your internship experience carefully, you should be able to build a network of contacts and mentors who may serve as professional references.”Laura O’Brien GatzionisFounder at Educational Advisory Services

Furthermore, when you build your network with the people you are working alongside in your internship, you may be able to ask them to be a professional reference. This is critical because companies ask for references in the hiring process. After all, using friends and family as a reference is not good business practice.