Should you write the truth in an essay about your University?


It may happen that you`ll be obliged to express your opinion on the university in the form of an essay. You will face a dilemma: should you actually write the truth?

Ooh, that`s a tricky question. On the one hand, you know for sure that it`s the era of freedom of speech and democracy we live in. Nobody`s going to get you expelled from a university in case you just express your honest, reasonable opinion, right? Right?

On the other hand, you don`t feel like you`re ready to take that major risk. That`s fine, it`s totally understandable. You need that diploma after all. A few salty words about a couple of professors may make you feel better. It can even become a major relief because it`s something that you`ve been keeping in your heart for years. But again, for some reason, it just doesn`t seem like a good idea.

There are a few ways how to minimize the tension between you and your dear alma mater. You can go with a simple one. You practically won`t have to do anything except addressing a great writing service which will gladly provide you with a cheap essay, taking into consideration all your wishes.

Or you can play both truth and, at the same time, dare try to write an essay yourself. Here`s a less painful way to do it.

You should take it as a compliment

And we immediately know who is a Taylor Swift`s fan here. That lady usually isn`t that generous when it comes to compliments in her songs. She`s more into dissing style. This is a trick that you can definitely learn from a 10-time Grammy winner.

Too much sweetness in your essay will seem suspicious, insincere, and obsequious. There is only one possible scenario when you can gush over your university, telling how great it is. It`s if you study at Hogwarts.

Nobody likes sneaks. Even Oxford has flaws. The administration of your university certainly wants to make things better. So, if you are honest, they will find out what needs improving.

The University is just nuh

If you decide to use your official civil right to express your opinion freely and openly, you have to do it in a reasonable and logical way. If you just start throwing all kinds of negative opinions in your work without backing them up with evidence and examples, your essay will never beconsidered good.

Are you saying that you can feel an intimidating atmosphere at university? You need to specify possible reasons and consequences. Your shady writing has to have a serious basis.

Find a silver lining

There is no way your university doesn`t have any advantages. It was your choice to get education there after all. So it can`t be all dark, sad, and petty. Of course, you should write about positive stuff, and it should better be sincere.

You’ve found your squad, you’ve learnt a new foreign language, you like the fact that many professors here have a modern approach. At least say that the baked things at the student café are awesome.

It wouldn`t hurt if you thank the university for providing you with many great opportunities. Come on, you`ve skipped like half of the lectures, and those guys are still willing to give you a diploma. Give them at least some kind of credit. You can even name a couple of your favorite professors. Who knows, maybe they`ll get a raise after this.

Everybody can complain

Let`s say, you`ve pointed out to some major problems that university has. It was your duty to tell the truth,and you hope that it will help improve things on your precious campus.

Every university is meant to satisfy students` need for knowledge and getting real-life experiences. So, it would be great if you provided heads up.

As a student, you know best what you want, and it`s the perfect time for you to speak up. Don`t just criticize, but provide the solution which you think is the most suitable. This will be the best collaboration between you and your university.