“Survivors” demand firing of Kavanaugh supporter


I don’t mean to keep coming back to Kavanaugh, but the whole affair is just so bizarre I find it fascinating. Until the Supreme Court nomination, I (and I suspect 99% of the country) had no idea who this guy was, and then came the most epic smear this country has ever seen, with witnesses coming out of the woodwork making the most outrageous accusations, accusations of activities several decades ago, making them all that much more outrageous because activity like “being in charge of a rape gang” really isn’t the kind of thing that stays completely silent for so long.

Granted, no evidence was ever provided, every “corroborating” witness said they saw no such activity, and multiple accusers recanted their bizarre testimony, leaving only one witness willing to go publicly (and then only after recanting her claim of being afraid of flying, among numerous other agreed-upon-by-all-parties lies). Her public testimony was, of course, non-credible.

Despite the blatantly unfounded smear, wide swaths of this country, particularly in our institutions of higher education, actually buy into the claims, not merely casually discarding our rule of law and rather important “innocent until found guilty” (not that there was enough to even charge Kavanaugh) concept, but to the point that students actually feel stress and fear at being exposed to the guy. It was enough to get him fired from lecturing on law, no less, an odd thing to do to a Supreme Court justice.

Not only is Kavanaugh being attacked for these smears, but people who don’t believe the smears also are under fire:

Now ‘survivors’ at Georgia Tech demand Angel Cabrera be fired for supporting Kavanaugh

The word “survivors” goes in quotes because these students were never victimized by Kavanaugh, and, like most everyone else, had no idea who he was until the big smear. Nevertheless, they’re claiming victimhood status, and asking for a “supporter” to be fired. What, pray tell, did this guy do?

His support of the hiring of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at GMU as a visiting law professor.

These students have been manipulated into harming themselves, denying themselves the chance to hear a Supreme Court Justice’s thoughts on the law. Such lunacy boggles the imagination.

recently revived allegations against Kavanaugh highlighted in a new book prompted its members to reignite their agitation, despite the fact that the claims have been denied by Kavanaugh’s alleged victim.

The above referenced smear came out in the NYT. They did publish a retraction a few days later, but far more people see the smear than the retraction. I really don’t understand why the people bearing false witness like this aren’t facing severe punishment, and, more importantly why whatever is putting people up to printing such lies (hi DNC!) isn’t being investigated in detail. This coordinated smear campaign has been going on far too long, with far too many well-documented false allegations, for a “legitimate” news organization like the NYT to publish another smear without making basic effort to see if perhaps this time the smear is valid.

Despite the clear fake smear, the useful idiots students are adamant that Kavanaugh must be punished:

“Students at GT and GMU don’t think Kavanaugh’s elevation to SCOTUS means that the allegations made against him should have been overlooked when Angel Cabrera hired him to teach at GMU, either @Mason4Survivors,” the group tweeted on Sept. 26.

The allegations against him weren’t overlooked, kids, they were investigated and found to be largely untrue, and what little couldn’t be shown as false was utterly unsubstantiated. Why has nobody told the students that it’s a bad idea to destroy a person strictly based on allegations of behavior in high school 30 years prior?

The “survivors” protesting this are hurting themselves even further, incidentally. Several are publicly identified as being traumatized by the possibility of Kavanaugh being on campus.

Imagine you’re an employer, and get an application from Mary Sue from Georgia tech. If you’ve heard about this lunacy at Gtech, you might well type in her name and see if she was involved in it. Knowing that she’s the kind of person who knows and believes a person could/should be destroyed simply by an allegation…what are the chances you’ll take the extreme risk of hiring her?

For the student’s sake, why not teach about the whole “rule of law” thing I referenced earlier, before this got out of hand? The school paper, instead of publishing smears, could run a full page on how so many of the claims are not merely unconfirmed, but dis-confirmed, with witnesses denying the events ever happened?

One commenter reinforces why being manipulated into hate via unsubstantiated claims is a horrible thing:

So NO ONE has substantiated ANYTHING Kavanaugh has been accused of not even the people cited as witnesses by the accusers and he is guilty? I accuse ALL Gtech students of being child molesters so they MUST be put in prison because I accuse them.

Now, if the above commenter had a compliant media willing to broadcast his accusations over and over and over again, willing to blindly accept any other accusations by anyone else under any circumstances and broadcast those as well, I strongly suspect the students would acquire a new appreciation for the rule of law.

For some reason, it only works that way for people targeted on the Right. We probably should ask questions about why that happens so consistently, but in the meantime, Georgia Tech could do themselves and their students some good by getting the students to go back to studying, instead of being terrified by a legacy media whose days are clearly numbered.